What is the Jeep Wave [Rules Explained]

| Last Updated: September 4, 2021

The jeep wave has brought one of the hottest debates among both new and old jeep owners around the world. The chances of the debate coming to an end are likely not soon due to the increase in the number of jeep owners.

Now, should the owner of the old jeep wave to the owner of the new jeep first or vice versa? Well, many people have the notion of respecting the elders and this is the reason why many people with new models wave first to their elders. Keep reading to find out more in the guide:

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What is a Jeep Wave?

Jeep wave is a protocol of honor bestowed among drivers with superior class, tastes, intelligence, and discomfort to own a jeep of any model.

This type of greetings among jeep owners entails raising hands or four figures upwards from the steering wheel depending on the circumstance.

On top of that, each region has its form of greeting etiquette while riding their ultimate vehicle. But the jeep wave is almost the same across the world.

These are vehicles driven by people who love luxury and class. How did the jeep wave come into existence? Well, this is another question that is tossing the mind of many jeep owners into the ocean.

I  have explained the reason behind the emergency and the importance of the jeep wave. Continue reading to find out.

When Did the Jeep Wave Start?

Jeeps are among the earliest vehicle and they were highly used by soldiers during the Second World War. The ultimate vehicle was typically used for delivering supplies and bringing reinforcement to the camp.

The jeep wave emerged during this time as a sign of respect and camaraderie among soldiers during this dangerous time.

Besides that, the old owners of the jeep were seen as having served in the military after the war and they were waved at as a sign of respect.

The emergence of love among people towards jeep result in kinship among the owners and this facilitates the jeep wave commencement. This has become a common thing even in recent days among jeep owners especially those owing jeep wranglers.

What are the Reasons and Importance of Jeep Wave?

The key reason for the development of the Jeep wave was to show a sign of love and respect. Besides that, it was a way of saying hello to another jeep driver despite being a stranger and this made them feel good.

Jeep wave has resulted in the formation of Jeep Wave Club where the members receive a lot of benefits after joining. The club has enhanced enthusiasm and joy among many jeep owners across the world.

Some of the other vital benefits associated with jeep wave are VIP treatment at different events, topnotch maintenance services, access to exclusive saving networks, ultimate owners support, and free day rental storage among many others.

Are There Different Types of Jeep Waves?

Yes. There are different types of jeep wave depending on certain circumstances or general etiquette of certain locally. Learning these types of greetings will help you behave in a way that you will not look like a stranger.

The most common type is waving of both or one hand side by side. This is mostly practiced by older Jeep owners due to common association.

Another common way of greeting among jeep owners regardless of the model is waving with a raised hand. Those jeep owners who were once soldiers prefer waving by use of two or four figures extended upwards from the steering wheel. Besides that, waving by raising one figure and nodding while driving is also accepted.

What is the Reputable Official Jeep Wave?

As mentioned earlier, there are indeed different types of jeep waves but picking the one that looks official can be a daunting experience.

If you are having the problem with deciding which one is official then count the problem sorted.

The rule of thumb is keeping your hand on the steering wheel between 12 and 1 o’clock then raised the first three figures from there.

However, if you have an open window then put your head out and wave your hand. These are the main official jeep wave.

Jeep Wave Rules Explained in Details

The first rule is the jeepers upholding the culture of initiating a wave once they meet each other while hitting the road. If the jeeper does not return the wave then the chances of being ignored are going to be higher.

The second rule is that all jeepers are supposed to return the wave unless the initiating jeep has a negative score. The ultimate vehicle with the negative score is those that are out of sight before you wave back.

Lastly, jeepers with negative balance vehicles are encouraged but not required to return the vehicle. The main aim is to prevent the occurrence of an accident.

The other jeeper is required to guide and mentor the one with a negative balance vehicle on how to correct the error. All in all, if you do not know how to return a wave then it is advisable to initiate the wave first.

This helps to enhance adherence to the jeep wave etiquette guidelines by responding to wave requirements.

Do All Jeep Drivers Wave?

Jeep waving is a culture among many drivers. But the recent trend shows that so many people have acquired different models of the jeep.

The initial idea of waving that started some years back is trying to fade slowly. The idea of not waving back is quite common among people who own a new model of jeep wrangler.

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These types of drivers buy these ultimate vehicles to satisfy their luxury needs and that is the reason why old model drivers experience a blank stare even after waving.

Besides that, new model jeep wranglers have no interest in joining the worldwide jeep fraternity. But it is recommended for them to join since there is no loyal friend like a jeep owner.

If you own a jeep wrangler then it is advisable to wave back to other jeep drivers since it makes an individual feel good.


I hope this article bought some clarity about the famous Jeep Wave, you can browse around the site if you have more jeep related questions.

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