Is a Jeep an SUV

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Let’s face it SUVs are great due to their ability to handle most unforgiving driving conditions that most normal vehicles cant.

One of the common questions  you get get before buying a Jeep is whether or not the car can be classified as an Suv. and In this article I am going to answer exactly if a Jeep is an SUV or not.

Without further ado, lets dive in!

What is an SUV?

SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle which was first introduced in the 1930’s but became more popular when the first SUV Grand Cherokee was introduced in 1984 due to the modern aesthetics of the car.

Generally Sport Utility Vehicles are 4 wheel drive which makes them great at off roading and handling slippery surface during rain and snow season. Although nowadays you do find SUVs that are not all wheel drive.

They are also known to be very practical and spacious when compared to normal vehicles, which is a a great addition to someone looking to use an SUV is an everyday car.

The Difference Between a Normal Car and an SUV

First lets start with the vehicle appearance, more often than not it is easy to distinguish the two, normally, SUVs are Rugged, Big and very spacious whereas  normal cars tend to be a bit smaller in size (Not always).

Most SUVs are 4 wheel drive since they are built to tackle difficult driving conditions such as off roading whereas most normal cars are either front or rear wheel drive, only a small percentage of the normal cars do get a 4 wheel drive.

Cars vs SUV (Source)

SUVs are much more spacious, big and practical and are great for huge families whereas a normal car is somewhat practical but ideal for a small family.

One of the things that is that is appealing with normal cars is the fact that they cost a little bit less to maintain compared to SUVs due to the nature and of the vehicle and the cost of the parts should it get broken.

One of the many things that makes SUVs appealing is they are much safer than normal cars when driving in tough weather conditions.

Is a Jeep Wrangler an SUV

Yes, a Jeep wrangler is an SUV, Wranglers are 4 wheel drive off-roading beasts. Wranglers are great at handling rough and tough surfaces and weather conditions.

Wrangler is known to be one of the most capable 4X4 vehicles in the market right, although not always practical, these off roading beasts are fun to drive and can be heavily customized to whatever suits your needs.

If you are looking for a more family friendly SUV then I would suggest you check out the Grand Cherokee instead.

Is Jeep Grand Cherokee an SUV

Jeep Grand Cherokee known to one of the vehicles that popularized SUVs by coming with a modern looking cherokee in the 1980’s.

Grand cherokees are still one of the best vehicles for everyday driving with your family, they are also four wheel drive and capable of tackling any surface.

They come in 7 different models, which are:

  1. Trailhawk
  2. Overland
  3. SRT
  4. Trackhawk
  5. Limited
  6. Laredo
  7. Summit

These vehicles are very practical and definitely one of the best Sport Utility Vehicles on the market right now.

What Makes a Good SUV

1. Drive

One of the most important thing about Sport utility Vehicle is how they handle different driving surfaces and conditions that is why most SUVs are 4WD to help handle drastic surfaces. To ride on all roads under different weather conditions, you must know how to put your Jeep Grand Cherokee in four-wheel drive.

2. Practicality

Most people who look into SUVs are looking for something more than an everyday driving car and practicality is one of them.

A bigger Boot, spacious interior is appealing and vital in a good SUV Vehicle.

3. Safety

Safety is a concern for most drivers because of how most cars failed to tackle different weather conditions in the past. This important since you are mostly like going to be using the car as a family car too.


Jeeps are incredible cars and that why I am such a huge fan for these vehicles, I hope this article shed some light and answered your question on whether or not a jeep is a Sport Utility Vehicle.

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