How to Put a Jeep Wrangler in a 4 Wheel Drive

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The Jeep Wrangler is a classic utility vehicle that is famed for its off roading abilities with its reliable four-wheel drive system. Most of the Jeep Wranglers are equipped with four wheel drive system and a good steering wheel.

Now, when you consider the power a Jeep has, and then throw in four wheel drive, you get a dominating utility vehicle that will stop to nothing.

While a four wheel drive vehicle will provide you with better performance, including greater traction in the slippery roads, many Jeep enthusiasts don’t know anything about shifting 4 wheel drives.

Sure, you might have a four wheel drive or a two wheel drive, but you need to understand that every brand has a different 4 wheel drive system.

While there are no stark differences between the various brands, it’s always advisable that you follow your owner’s manual to put it in 4 wheel drive system.

And today, we will be looking at how to engage a four wheel drive on a Jeep Wrangler.

How to Put a 4-Wheel Drive in a Jeep Wrangler

To put a Jeep Wrangler in 4-Wheel Drive, stop your Jeep before shifting into gear, then pick “N” with the gear selector (Neutral). Keep the foot pedal firmly on the brake pedal while at i4H to 4L or 4L to 4H.

Position your shift selector in the required gear and return shift lever to “D” (Drive) and keep driving.

How to Put a Jeep Wrangler in a 4 Wheel Drive
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Uses of 4 wheel drive system

Having a four wheel drive function does not mean you need to have your Jeep in all wheel drive mode always. All wheel drive in Jeep Wranglers is primarily used in situations where you need more traction control.

There are two varying types of four wheel drive, and each type of wheel drive has its recommended use. Before we look at the exact process of shifting gears on a Jeep, it would be prudent that we have a rudimentary understanding of the various gears and their uses.

Gear Options

2 Hi or 2H

This gear combination is typically used when the surface is dry. There’s not much that you’re supposed to do when on these gears, and it’s the recommended gear position for your everyday driving.

4 Hi or 4H

This gear option is often used for normal driving conditions, but more suitable when you need extra performance such as traction of the dirt roads, hard-packed sand, or ice/snow/ slick surfaces When this gear is engaged, the front wheels on your Jeep will significantly aid in traction control by adding more stability to your vehicle.

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4 Lo or 4 L

It’s the optimal gearing position when you need maximum traction as well as power. While it will offer the least speeds, it suitably conditions your Jeep Wrangler to handle the off roading through toughest road conditions.

Engage in this gear position when working through mud, rocky surfaces, sharp and steep inclines, and deep snow.

On this gear position, both the front and the rear wheels are driven in low range, using a lower gear ratio and good front and rear driveshafts. Sometimes, rear axels also help.

This often results in lower speeds, but it delivers a higher torque. Additionally, it will offer greater braking power while allowing for easier control.

How to Switch Gears on the Jeep Wrangler

Now that you know the various gearing positions let’s look at how you can effectively shift the gears on a Jeep Wrangler before moving towards the guide to put the wrangler in four wheel drive.

1. Determine whether you need to change gears The first step is determining whether you need to change gears.

You only need to change gears when there’s a change in the road conditions.

For instance, if you’re traveling from a fine concrete road to the rugged road, it may call for a change of gears.

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2. Stop your Jeep To change the gears, first, stop your Jeep. From here, engage the gear shift selector in “N” (Neutral). While at i4H to 4L or 4L to 4H, keep the gas pedal firmly on the brake pedal.

From here, you can now move your gear shifter to your require gear position. Once you’re done, move shift lever back to “D” (Drive) and continue driving.

Changing Various Gears

The above description is a general outline on how to change gears on a Jeep Wrangler. In the section below, we look at how we can switch from the different 4DW gearing positions.

Since 1902, offroad compatible cars which have ability of four wheel drive have been using transfer case to selectively shift the power between front and rear wheels.

Switching From 2H to 4H/ 4H to 2H

Shifting between these gearing positions is only possible with your Jeep either in motion or stopped.

If your Jeep is in motion, the transfer case will engage/disengage faster if you momentarily release the accelerator pedal or the gas pedal once you’re through with shifting.

When shifting the transfer case lever, it’s recommended that you apply constant force.

4H to 4L or 4L to 4H

If you require maximum traction, you’ll move your Wrangler to 4 low. Start by slowing down your vehicle to 2-3 mph. With your Jeep coasting, shift to neutral, and slowly but firmly pull the lever back.

Put your Jeep back in gear, and you’re good to go. However, if the pavement of wet, slick, or loose, you need to apply the 4 wheel drive.

Here, you simply pull the lever without pausing I the “N” position between the two gears. Move you, standard gear selector, back to and continue driving.

Tips, Trick and Don’ts of Gear Shifting on a Jeep Wrangler

  1. 4H is suitable for the slick, slippery on-road driving at speeds from 45-55 mph

  2. Don’t move directly from 2H to 4L or vice versa. First move from 2H to 4H, then neutral, then to 4L.

  3. Avoid speed of more than 25 mph when on 4L

  4. To disengage from 4 wheel drive, slow down, shift to neutral, and while rolling slowly, push the lever to 4H. Put your Jeep back in gear and push the lever form 4H to 2H.

  5. Check on your owner’s manual if you’re unsure of how to use or shift the 4 wheel drive.

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