Spiderwebshade Vs Alien Shade (Best One for Your Jeep?)

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The best driving experience begins with pure love for Jeeps. You can’t call it a complete road trip without a shade on your Jeep to protect you from the scorching sun rays.

Companies are manufacturing the best Jeep accessories, including shades, to allow you to enjoy some fresh air without the blazing sun.

All these accessories come at affordable prices so that you can get one or several for your Jeep. Buying a shade can be difficult, especially if you don’t know the similarities and differences in their features.

For this reason, I will be comparing two top shade products. The market has various types of shades that could otherwise pose a challenge to make a decision.

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I will be helping you with additional information on the different types of shades on the market.

My goal is to give you invaluable information such that when you buy the shade, you can account for the value of your investment with no future regrets.

SPIDERWEBSHADE Jeep Wrangler Mesh Shade

Various types of Jeeps come with unique top designs. You should buy a shade depending on the type of top on your Jeep.

My selection involves a comparison between the Spiderwebshade vs Alien Shade. I will find out the details about each shade, the similarities, and the differences between the two shades as we try to solve the big battle between these two competing brands.

Review of the Best Spiderwebshade and Alien Shade

Here’s the review of the top Jeep shades from Spiderwebshade and Alien Sunshade and below are some common questions surrounding this topic.

SPIDERWEBSHADE Jeep Wrangler Mesh Shade

SPIDERWEBSHADE Compatible with Wrangler Mesh Shade Top Sunshade UV Protection Accessory USA Made for Your JKU 4-Door (2007-2018) in Black


This sunshade originates from the US. It comes from the best quality PVC material and is, therefore, durable. It is a universal type and can fit correctly on your two and 4-Door Wrangler Jeep protecting the passengers as well.

It is designed to block the UV rays from damaging your skin. The sunshade is easy to fit as it comes with bungee and knobs for firm fitting.

This will prevent strong winds from blowing your shade away while you enjoy your breezy travel. The spider is one of the pioneer shades for the Jeep but features fewer designs to choose from.

This is a unit you will buy with confidence because apart from being the best quality, it comes with a five-year limited warranty.

ALIEN SUNSHADE Jeep Wrangler Mesh Shade Top Cover

ALIEN SUNSHADE Jeep Wrangler JKU (2007-2018) Full Length Sun Shade Mesh Top Cover (Navy) – 10 Year Warranty - Blocks UV, Wind, Noise


Upcoming companies have to work extra hard to earn a name in the modern market. The majority of Jeep owners have been using the Spiderweb shade.

However, the introduction of Alien, which is a company in the US, brings healthy competition to the Spiderweb sunshade.

The shades from Alien are also amazing with great quality from the PCV materials. The shade fits well on your Jeep top using the eleven bungee cords well fastened on the roll bars.

Alien believes in quality, and that’s why they offer you the best warranty of ten years on their products. Lastly, the manufacturer has many designs and colors, unlike other competitors that come with few comparisons for you.

This is why more Jeep owners are walking towards Alien for variety and quality for better results. Besides, the prices are fairer compared to competitors, and this makes them very affordable.

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Similarities Between Spiderwebshade and Alien Shade

As said earlier, we have more than enough manufacturers designing Jeep sunshades for Jeep owners. However, the two local manufacturers in the United States are the SpiderWeb and Alien.

They both produce top-quality shades, and that’s why there is a big battle on which is the best. We have similarities in the materials used for manufacturing the shades.

Both companies use quality PVC materials for constructing the sunshades. They all have the same objective; to give the Jeep owners quality deals.

Both sunshades come with a warranty so that you can purchase in confidence. The warranty is also an assurance that the company is genuine and will be there to serve you over and over.

They all come with bungee cords for you to use when tightening the shade on your Jeep bars. This gives it a solid shape and prevents the wind from blowing it away.

Both shades also come with metal rings and bolt fasteners for secure fixing on the Jeep top. Furthermore, you will love the fact that both shades protect the body against the harmful UV rays.

They cover up to 90% of these rays to keep you safe. Lastly, the companies are both found in the US and do a local production of these sunshades.

Differences Between Spiderwebshade and Alien Shade

Variations in any product form the primary marketing and selling point. These two products are unique, and that’s why some people prefer either of the products.

ALIEN SUNSHADE Jeep Wrangler Mesh Shade Top Cover

Spiderwebshade is among the pioneer shade companies, and hence its brand has won over many customers while the Alien is still young but fast-growing.

Although both shades come in different colors, Alien also comes in different designs. This is a crucial difference that gives Alien an advantage over the Spiderwebshade.

The length of the warranties on these two products is another critical difference. For Spiderwebshade, you will benefit from 5 years of limited warranty while Alien gives you ten years for their warranty.

As much as both shades are made of quality PVC materials, the Spiderwebshade is quite costly as compared to the Alien.


Driving a Jeep is pretty fun. You can decide to have an open-top for you to enjoy the sun or covered top for you to prevent scorching sun.

All in all, you need to have a shade to help you stay comfortable when having fun with your Jeep. Whichever brand you choose, you should ultimately aim for your comfort.

Whatever you use as your deciding factor is up to you. For example, some people who value warranty so much will go with the Alien brand while those who bother less about warranty will stick to Spiderwebshade.

Quick Recap – Best Spiderwebshade and Alien Shade

Before you head out, here’s a quick recap of the best Spiderwebshade and Alien shade:

  1. SPIDERWEBSHADE Jeep Wrangler Mesh Shade
  2. ALIEN SUNSHADE Jeep Wrangler Mesh Shade Top Cover

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People Also Ask

Below are some common questions surrounding this topic.

Is There a Big Difference in Quality For Spiderwebshade and Allien Shades?

Most users agree that both brands come from quality PVC, and therefore, the quality is quite similar.

Which is the Cheaper of the Two Brands?

Allien is less costly as compared to the Spiderwebshade. You can check for the prices on the links provided in the review.

Are There Specific Jeeps for These Shades?

Well, most of the roofless Jeeps are great for these shades. Wrangler-owners, in particular, will find the shades precise

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