Best Snow Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Jeep Grand Cherokees have lots of demands on its tires, they are heavy, have powerful engines, drives on four wheels, travel on challenging off-road terrains, and have a promise of comfort to passengers.

Thus it’s vital to get the best ice and winter tires with the winter season around the corner. Good-quality winter tires translate to a better road grip, even when traveling through the iciest and snowiest winter conditions.

I’ve scoured the internet and compiled a comprehensive list of the top best winter tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee. Take a look at my top five picks!

Comparison of the Best Snow Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Top 5 Best Snow Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Best Overall

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus


Tire Category: All-season

Performance: 8.2 Light Traction; 7.5 Deep Traction; 7.0 Ice Traction

Wheel Sizes Available: 16-20″ ; 22″

Treadwear Warranty: 5 Years / 80,000 Miles


Bridgestone Dueler doesn’t perform as tough as its Premier LTX competitors but still improves upon durability and comfort. To be more precise, Bridgestone Dueler is the quietest for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Its tread pattern is symmetrical for optimized comfort. Looking for a durable SUV tire? Consider Bridgestone Dueler! It boasts an excellent tread wear warrant of 80,000-mile, which outperforms most of its competitors’ warrant period.

These winter tires eat small but bear great perfections on a snow road. They are almost inaudible on highway speeds. These winter tires are reliable and have high stability speeds. They are perfect for 4-wheel drive.

Wet grip and traction are also exceptional, making them very safe in mud and rain. The Bridgestone Dueler also gives excellent wet traction in both heavy and light snow, a feature that many touring winter tires don’t brag about.

You don’t have to worry about usability! The Bridgestone Dueler is versatile and usable in many other conditions that you may encounter during your adventures.

All these qualities will give you ample traction and grip on everyday driving like dry surfaces. More good news: the jeep grand cherokee tire utilizes New Polymer Technology.

This technology improves wear performance. Another plus is the Tread Compound; the tread features a five-percent recycled rubber that reduces carbon (IV) oxide emissions

Are you worried about the looks? Mh, the super-black sidewall coloring and jagged shoulder blocks resist fading and will complement your vehicle’s exterior looks even in the heavy or light snow. Bridgestone Dueler will exceed your expectations by breaking the limits of excellence.


Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus


Tire Category: All-season

Wheel Sizes Available: 17-22″

Treadwear Warranty: 50,000 Mile Limited Warranty for H and V Rated and 60,000 Mile Limited Warranty for T Rated


Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus couldn’t miss on this list. It’s at the forefront of quality and performance while blending comfort and durability. Seemingly, Pirelli applied all its know- how tactics in this product.

Its corners are amazingly responsive, and this improves its handling abilities. With the exceptional handling, the tires can handle all-weather terrains for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It utilizes the latest innovation and technology to give high performance and improved mileage of 40%. These features will meet all your rigorous demands.

Uniquely, this product’s silica-enriched tread pattern shapes asymmetrically. This pattern offers outstanding traction and grip levels, quality-speed stability, and reliable braking performance.

Let’s talk about the snow! Its circumferential grooves suit wet conditions, especially snow. Scorpion Verde knows how to best resist hydroplaning. This feature makes it workable on damp pavements.

Overall, the tires are the safest in wet and dry conditions. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus offers an even increased traction thanks to the many sipes. You’ll love its snow performance! Despite Scorpion Verde’s emphasis on drivability, its resistance is also low-rolling.

This feature improves your fuel economy without tampering with performance. I won’t forget to mention the comfort and quietness therein. Scorpion Verde is what you need for long journeys.

Therefore, if you plan to go for a camping adventure during the snow times, this is the best must-have vehicle equipment. With all that said, Scorpion Verde could have a better competitive advantage if the warranty was longer. Competitors of similar models beat its 65,000-mile treadwear warranty.

Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology


Tire Category: All-season

Performance: 8.1 Light Traction; 7.3 Deep Traction; 7.0 Ice Traction

Wheel Sizes Available: 20″

Treadwear Warranty: 6 Years / 70,000 Miles


LX20 comes with a lovely surprise on its snow performance! It brags all-road traction conditions, including mud and snow. Better still, this model will best match your tasks if you’re an off-road adventurist. Feel good and have an ultimate steering control with the Continental CrossContact LX20.

You will experience a comfortable and smooth ride with these winter tires. This product is Continental’s latest tire that suits the all-season touring highways, So, jeep grand Cherokee drivers have something to boast about.

The touring tire also blends durability and performance. The main benefits that the tires provide are lower emissions and improved fuel economy.

A 70,000-mile tread warranty backs up this tire, which is suitable for tires in its class. It has extra circumferential grooves whose tread design is symmetric. In connection to this, its traction grooves increase traction on wet and snow roads.

Additionally, the grooves are well- located around the tires’ tread, and this helps to reduce noise. It delivers a quiet and smooth ride. But in case you don’t know how to make a jeep wrangler ride smoother? check out here!

These features give dependable handling and traction capabilities. It won’t disappoint your expectations! Overall, drivers much appreciate this tire.

It is among the top products in the class of the best snow tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee. So, if you’ve been looking for the best-to-buy all-season touring tire, try this out today! Unlike other winter tires, this product features a tread compound that is eco-friendly.

It utilizes +Silane additives and Tg-OF polymers that enhance traction. This, in turn, gives a better treadwear and reliable fuel mileage.

The tires have autonomous tread blocks and uninterrupted center ribs for increased grip. You’ll feel comfortable driving on dry road surfaces. An increased grip means an improved steering feel and response.

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Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max


Tire Category: All-season

Performance: 6.3 Light Traction; 5.4 Deep Traction; 5.0 Ice Traction

Wheel Sizes Available: 15-17″

Treadwear Warranty: 6 Years / 65,000 Miles


Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max is also a first-rate touring tire. It originates from a renowned manufacturer, Goodyear Assurance, who provides quality touring tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee’s driver.

It comes with almost every unique feature to give a comfortable and safe driving experience. Like other touring tires, this product reduces emissions and improves fuel economy, thanks to its fuel-saving component.

Being fuel-efficient for your Jeep grand Cherokee, the tire will give you confidence in all-season tractions. That’s not enough…

The fuel-efficient component also accommodates a lower rolling resistance. With this, be sure to save approximately 2,600-mile gas worth.

Besides this, Goodyear has more than you can handle! Curious to know about its usability component? The increased biting edges and sipes make the tires usable in both light and heavy snow.

Just from its name, Assurance CS Fuel Max assures you of a quiet and comfortable ride, albeit it does not appear on the list of best touring jeep grand Cherokee tires.

Its 65,000-mile warranty is inferior when compared with tires of similar models. More features… The Tread Zones on its outboard and inboard layers will offer you responsive corners that give high traction and grip levels.

Also, the central Tread Zones improve traction and grip on snow and wet surfaces. Finally, the Aquachannel grooves increase hydroplaning resistance for a safe drive during heavy rains.

Its Dual aqua conduits boost a water-off channel from the tire’s tread. The Wet Zone promotes better traction in light and wet snow conditions.

The Dry Zone encourages grip and handling features that allow confident maneuvering. Simply put, Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max has all it takes to be on this list!

Firestone Destination LE2


Tire Category: All-season

Performance: 7.7 Light Traction; 7.0 Deep Traction; 6.5 Ice Traction

Wheel Sizes Available: 16-20″ ; 22″

Treadwear Warranty: 5 Years / 60,000 Miles


Are you working on tight budgets? Firestone Destination LE2 will still accommodate your price range without making any compromises on performance! Though it has a lower price tag, Firestone Destination LE2 strikes the best balance between grip, traction, stability, and braking. Noteworthy, the product is suitable for both wet and dry wet surfaces.

It also gives usability in snow. Unlike most winter tires, these allow extensive tractor towing. You needn’t worry about safety! Drivers complain that even though Firestone is comfortable, it is very noisy on highways. Its 60000-mile warranty is far from good, but perhaps, this is what you should expect from the price tag.

If I are to describe Firestone Destination LE2 is one sentence, it would be, “an all-terrain off/on-road tire suitable for jeep drivers who’re looking for tires with a high handling and toughness level on snow roads.”

The tires are available in three different sidewall styling options. These include traditional Blackwall, Outline White Letter, and the Special Blackwall edition. The special Blackwell features an elegant Carbon Camo design.

They all offer peaceful noise, comfort, and excellent ride quality with all-year traction in snow. How about an overview of its internal structures? The tire features a Link Carbon element that enhances the tread compound.

This tread compound has symmetric molding that shapes into an all-terrain pattern. The feature gives a continuous rib center that is independently flanked by the wrap-round shoulder and intermediate blocks.

All these combine to give highway stability and wintertime and off-road traction. The lateral and circumferential grooves work hand-in-hand to enhance all-weather traction. The deep sipes and tread blocks also promote traction on snow and loose road surfaces.

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What to Look For in Snow Tires for Grand Cherokee

Nowadays, the market is witnessing a sprouting up of very many tire manufacturers. And this makes it daunting to decide the best option to suit your car needs.

Oh, and making things worse, is that nowadays, tires come in various categories. Besides knowing the brand and type of tire to choose, there are many other factors to consider. I have researched some of the most common factors. Are you interested to know? Read along!

Type of Terrain

If you’re into off-road terrain driving, consider the all-terrain Jeep tires for that Grand Cherokee. These tires offer excellent on-road and off-road manners. They are quiet and comfortable.

Additionally, drivers find these tires satisfying because of their great off-road tractions. Understanding your terrain marks the difference between making your Jeep Grand Cherokee comfortable and uncomfortable.

It is worth noting that specialized mud-terrain and off-road tires are not considered the best for a Grand Cherokee. While many owners think that big tires have better functionality than small tires, this is not true. If anything, the big tires often rub themselves against the vehicle’s body.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus


What is the general climatic condition of your area? Each car tire suits a specific temperature range. At this temperature range, the tire gives the best grip and good traction.

This concept is easy to explain using a scenario; summer tires work best during warmer climates, whereas winter tires are most suitable for colder climates.

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And of course, the all-season tires have a broader range of work. Just as the name suggests, winter tires are ideal for colder climates.

The tires offer very good traction in snow but very noisy when driven on the highways. Winter tires come in different classifications. Just like touring tires, the winter tires come in “normal” categories and variants. If your streets are marked with snowfall, be sure to go for winter tires.


Tires are categorized differently depending on their behaviors. High-performance jeep grand Cherokee tires give traction as you accelerate and also guarantee a good snow grip.

On the other hand, touring and highway tires strike an excellent balance between comfort, traction, and extended tread life. The high-performance winter tires guarantee safe driving in snowy roads, sleeting, freezing, and icy areas.

The products are also the best selection if your routine trips are through snowy zones like the mountains.

Size Matters

What is the exact size of your original tires? Most Jeep Grand Cherokees have the size information in the manual and also at the door jamb of the driver.

Some jeeps will have this information as a label on the glove box or gas hatch. Bigger tires adversely affect the snow grip and acceleration.

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That means that an oversized tire makes you suffer from all these. Additionally, bigger tires tend to add excess weights to your Auto manufacturers advise drivers to stick with the original size of the Jeep’s tire and not a “plus-sizing.” It is because this original size gives your car excellent performance.

Can You See an ‘M+S’ Marking?

The M+S tire marking is an abbreviation for mud and snow. This marking is an indication that the tire’s tread design gives better traction in snow than the non-M+S Jeep tires.

However, the marking does not always mean that these tires are adequate for snow. Some will not give control and traction in slick terrains.

If you’re looking for what will give you safer snow driving, check that the tires have the correct compound. They should also contain a “Mountain Snowflake” mark. The former means that the tires are tested for use in winter and colder conditions.

Wrap Up

Doubtlessly, Jeep Grand Cherokee is a popular SUV in the current market. Its praises stem from the superior drivability, unibody chassis, lifetime durability, and spacious interior.

All these praises are considered complete in the presence of a right Jeep Grand Cherokee. “Good,” in this case, refers to a tire that suits all the on and off-road snow excursions.

My top five list of the best touring tires for the Jeep Grand Cherokee contains all you need to make a wise decision.

That said, you can only experience the worth of your money by choosing a snow tire that best suits your adventure needs. All the best looking for Jeep Grand Cherokee winter tires!

Quick Summary – Best Snow Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Before you head out, here’s a quick recap of the best winter tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee:

  1. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus
  2. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus
  3. Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology

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