Best Jeep Tire Covers – 2022 Review

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When selecting a tire cover, you may be wondering what makes the best Jeep tire covers worth buying.

There is some truth that the tire will age/crack in the sun exposure faster than those on the vehicle, but also tire covers provide a great way to express yourself and customize your Jeep.

Comparison of the Best Jeep Tire Covers

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How to Choose Tire Covers for a Jeep

There are multiple aspects to look at when deciding on the right tire cover for your Jeep. One of the largest factors in this process is choosing a design that matches your style. The rest of the criteria look at how well it protects and fits your spare wheel.


Choosing a spare wheel protector requires you to know the measurement of your tires. Most Jeeps use a 32-inch tire, but if you have other sizes, you’ll need a bigger cover. However, if you have a larger tire size, products using elastic to secure themselves are more likely to blow off so keep that in mind!


The protection a tire cover provides depends on its material. Waterproof options such as leather and PVC leather are ideal but can quickly heat up. More breathable fabrics such as denim are better as they’ll ensure the tire remains undamaged through high temperatures.

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Camera Hole

If you drive one of the latest Jeep models, you’ll need to have a camera hole on the cover you choose. This gap ensures that the camera will not be blinded when you reverse.


There are plenty of designs available, including options that print your own image on the cover. As there are many possibilities to choose from, you may be torn between two styles that you think match your Jeep perfectly. Luckily they’re cheap, get em both!

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Review of the Best Jeep Tire Covers

The following are our picks for the best Jeep tire covers available. The products listed are high quality and offer a stylish design that’s likely to match your vehicle.

Best Overall

Mopar Jeep Tire Cover

Mopar Jeep Wrangler Black Denim W/Logo Spare Tire Cover 32-33 Inch OEM

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What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers are satisfied with the product as it fits well and has a pleasing design. A few have tested the cover’s grip and found that it’s well crafted. Almost everyone unanimously agrees that the material used is high quality and will last a long while.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Mopar Jeep Tire Cover stands out as the best jeep tire cover due to its high-quality craftsmanship. The item uses black denim that has a slightly faded appearance as the base material. This coloring contrasts with the “Jeep” lettering on the cover to create a classy yet low-profile appearance.

The elastic band used to hold the cover onto your tire is sewn in, reducing the risk of it snapping off. As the material used is denim, it’s resistant to fraying if it gets damaged and will last even if you accidentally forget about it in a car wash.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Mopar Jeep Tire Cover is a sleek and stylish option to place on your spare wheel. It works for tires size 32 to 33 inches and has a reliable elastic band to hold it in place. The product uses tough, durable denim that will last.


Made from denim

Fits 32-33 inch tires

Sewn elastic band that lasts

Simplistic design that matches any Jeep

Material is resistant to fraying


Not water-resistance

May block backup camera


Moonet Leather Spare Tire Cover

Moonet PVC Thickening Leather Spare Tire Wheel Cover for Car Truck SUV Camper Trailer Universal Fit RV JP FJ,R17 XL Black (for Overall Wheel Diameter 32-34 inch)

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What Recent Buyers Report

While many recent customers have had a great experience using this cover, a few have had issues. Many purchasers praise the product as being an excellent value for the money. However, a few have found that the PVC leather doesn’t always hold well in extreme weather.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Moonet Leather Spare Tire Cover stands out due to its plain design that you can easily customize to match your Jeep’s existing aesthetic. The item is waterproof, protecting your spare wheel from liquids and foul weather. The piece also features a non-scratch inner lining that helps keep your tire looking like new.

The cover can fit up to 34-inch tires thanks to its elastic hem. This function helps it maintain a firm grip on the tires. The item has an affordable cost that makes it easy to replace if it’s ever damaged.

Bottom Line

The Moonet Leather Spare Tire Cover is a great way to protect your extra wheel from the elements at an affordable price. The material is waterproof and has a non-scratch lining. The grip provided is excellent but can have minor issues on larger tires.



Fits wheels of 32 to 34 inches

Non-scratch lining on the inside

Elastic hem provides a tight grip

Plain design that fits any Jeep’s paint job


Made from PVC leather

Elastic hem struggles to cover the area on larger tires

Best for the Money

AmFor Spare Tire Cover

Amfor Spare Tire Cover, Universal Fit for Jeep, Trailer, RV, SUV, Truck and Many Vehicle, Wheel Diameter 32' - 33', Weatherproof Tire Protectors (Black)

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What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent purchasers report that the item is durable and can withstand the weather in their areas. Many commented that the product is easy to install and fits over a tire snuggly. Overall, there are no recent negative responses with any significant issues regarding the cover, aside from ordering the wrong size.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Standing out as the best Jeep tire cover for your money, the AmFor Spare Tire Cover offers a great fit for a low price. The material used is waterproof and easy to clean. The item also features a bottom drainage area to reduce moisture buildup and help the section breathe.

There are various options to choose from with the AmFor Spare Tire Cover, making it an excellent choice for customizing your vehicle. The piece is made using high-quality materials and is well constructed. Additionally, the item can endure many elements such as dust, sunlight, and snow.

Bottom Line

The AmFor Spare Tire Cover is a great way to customize your Jeep’s appearance while protecting your spare wheel. The product is durable and well made. The only concern with this item comes with picking the design you want to purchase.


Easy to clean

Constructed using weatherproof material

Variety of design options to fit any Jeep’s appearance

Bottom drainage prevents moisture from building up

The elastic hem allows for quick removal when necessary


Material isn’t tear-proof

Specific color options appear cheaply made

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Best Jeep Tire Covers For Girls

Sport Covers Watercolor Sunflower Tire Cover

JL Spare Tire Cover Watercolor Yellow Sunflower Summer 4x4 JL Tire Cover with Backup Camera Hole BUC (Fits: JL Accessories) Black Size 32 Inch

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What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent purchasers are happy to use the product as it has a pleasing and stylish design. A few comments praised the material’s quality and how well it fits over the spare wheel. A minimal number of customers have seen that the camera hole is placed incorrectly and obscures part of the image while reversing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Sport Covers Watercolor Sunflower Tire Cover is a great product that looks stylish while protecting your Jeep’s spare wheel. The item has a premade camera hole that allows for easy visibility on newer models. The entire product installs with ease, and you can remove it quickly, taking only a few minutes for either process.

The material used is long-lasting and coated in a UV-resistant layer. This protection keeps the design from fading and any sunlight from damaging your tire. The bungee cord securing method ensures that the cover doesn’t blow off easily.

Bottom Line

The Sport Covers Watercolor Sunflower Tire Cover is one of the best Jeep tire covers available that offers a pre-cut camera hole. The product protects your spare wheel from damage occurring from sunlight and is resistant to fading. However, it is essential to note that the camera hole isn’t consistently centered and may obscure part of the view.











Best Monogrammed Jeep Tire Covers


TIRE COVER CENTRAL Monogram Initials Spare Tire Cover (Select tire Size/Back up Camera Option in menu) Custom Sizes for Any Make Model

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What Recent Buyers Report

While there are no reviews for the product, we can see from the images provided that the item is of high quality. The cover can accommodate any image of your choosing but relies on a high-definition upload when ordering.

Why it Stands Out to Us

As one of the best Jeep tire covers with monogrammed images, you can customize this item’s design by uploading a picture when ordering it. The product includes an optional camera hole that caters to newer Jeep models. Additionally, the image is resistant to UV rays and will not fade quickly.

The method of securing the cover to your spare wheel is a durable rope that requires tightening. This option prevents airflow from blowing it off as you drive and makes it more reliable during stormy weather. You can also lock the cover using the provided grommets.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is one of the best Jeep tire covers that you can customize to fit your taste. The item is well made and can withstand strong winds. Additionally, the piece is lockable using the grommets, preventing theft.


Includes locking grommets

UV resistant to prevent fading

Personalized design of your choice

Includes option for a backup camera

Secured with durable rope for a perfect fit


Takes longer to install and remove

Only selected sizes feature the backup camera

Best Jeep Hard Tire Cover

Genuine Chrysler 82214306

Genuine Chrysler 82214306 Hard Spare Tire Cover

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What Recent Buyers Report

Many of the recent purchasers have reported that they love how easily this item can be cleaned. Customers also express their enthusiasm about the quick and easy installation process and the fit. A few were pleased with the overall design and color as it matched their Jeep well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Genuine Chrysler 82214306 is one of the best Jeep tire covers that isn’t made from a soft fabric. It’s constructed from a durable thermoplastic that makes it weatherproof and keeps your tire safe from the elements. The material used is also capable of withstanding a few heavy hits without denting.

The guard cleans with ease if you frequently travel off-road or through mud and can be washed down with water. The installation process is easy and can be completed within minutes. The simplistic design is ideal for almost any Jeep and features the Jeep logo in the middle.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great Jeep tire cover if you frequently take your Jeep off-road or through muddy areas. The piece is easy to install and provides plenty of protection to your spare wheel. However, it can seem heavy when you remove it due to its sturdy design.


Easy to clean


Easy toolless installation

Capable of withstanding high impacts

Simplistic black design that matches almost any paint job


Heavy and harder to move

Only for models between 2007 and 2017

Best American Flag Jeep Tire Cover

Sofu American Flag Eagle Tire Cover

Spare Tire Cover, Wheel Cover with American Flag Eagle PVC Leather Waterproof Dust-Proof Universal Fit for Jeep,Trailer, RV, SUV, Camper and Vehicle (17' for Diameter 31'-33')

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What Recent Buyers Report

Many of the most recent buyers love the design and overall appearance of this tire cover. Most found the item easy to install and to fit their spare wheels well. However, a small number of customers had issues getting the cover on their tires.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product offers a bold and patriotic design that features an eagle in front of the American flag. This item is one of the most patriotic Jeep wheel covers available. Additionally, the piece will fit over tires within a range of three inches, making it easier to find a cover that fits.

The item is made from a durable material that will protect your spare wheel from damaging sunlight. The non-scratch backing helps prevent wear on your tire while it’s not equipped. The PVC leather used is waterproof, keeping the wheel dry while preventing mold from forming due to moisture.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great product that displays your patriotism. This item is one of the best Jeep tire covers constructed from PVC leather that keeps water off your wheel. However, the material can quickly heat up, making it hard to remove the cover.


Non-scratch backing

Protects from UV rays

Waterproof PVC leather

Patriotic flag and eagle design

Universal fit stretches over a variety of tire lengths


PVC leather quickly absorbs heat

Can easily blow off when on larger tires

Best Star Wars Jeep Tire Cover

TIRE COVER CENTRAL Power of The Dirt Side

TIRE COVER CENTRAL Power of The Dirt Side Tribute to Star Wars Spare Tire Cover (Select tire Size/Back up Camera Option in MENU) Custom Sized to Any Make/Model 245/75r17 Centered Back up Camera

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What Recent Buyers Report

Many recent shoppers are pleased with how well the item fits as described. Customers report that even after usage, the cover doesn’t lose its color or detailing. Additionally, the recent buyers say that the product’s design is to their taste and fits their Jeep’s style.

Why it Stands Out to Us

As the only Star Wars themed tire cover on this list, the Power of The Dirt Side cover stands out as a great design. The product is resistant to sunlight and will not fade or lose detailing after use. Additionally, as the image gets injected into the vinyl, it won’t flake off or wash away.

The item can have a camera hole if you need one which won’t obscure the product’s text. The pull string system prevents the guard from blowing away in heavy winds or storms. There are grommets available and an included heavy-duty zip tie to lock your cover on after installation.

Bottom Line

This item is the best Jeep tire cover with a Star Wars design available for almost any Jeep or tire size. However, the camera hole poses a slight risk of blocking the lens if installed incorrectly. The item is UV resistant, and the design will last in sunlight and heavy weather.


UV resistant

Easy to install

Hole for the rear camera if needed

Grommets for locking the cover on

Pull string hem to keep tire cover in place


Doesn’t fully enclose the tire

The camera hole has no protective cover

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What Purpose Do Tire Covers Serve?

The primary purpose of the best Jeep tire covers is to protect the wheel from damage, theft, and to provide an additional customization method. 

UV Protection

If you’ve never used a spare wheel cover before you may see cracks and other small damages to the tire. Most tire covers are treated for protection against sunlight, making the fabric stronger while keeping your tire safe from cracking.

The tires you drive on don’t experience this issue as they’re continuously under stress. This heat and pressure prevent the tire from forming cracks as it often doesn’t stay still long enough to crack. Driving keeps your wheel supple.


Having a tire cover on the spare wheel blocks off the bolts you’d typically have to extract before you can remove the tire. This additional layer prevents thieves from stealing the wheel, especially if you’re using a locking cover. The added defense can turn opportunistic thieves away from your vehicle’s spare wheel as it’d take too long to cut the material off.


One of the primary uses of a tire cover, aside from protecting the spare wheel, is to customize your Jeep’s looks. As the spare lies directly behind you, it’s one of your vehicle’s most prominently seen parts. You can pick a logo you prefer or have the product made with a specific image.


What Size Tire Covers Do I Need For My Jeep?

Finding the right-sized cover for your Jeep’s tires can be a challenge. However, if you’ve changed the wheels to a size larger than your stock options, you’ll need to either measure them or read the code on the wheel’s side. 

What Size Tire Cover Works For a Jeep Wrangler?

If you’re using the typical tire size of 32-inches, a wheel cover should be easy to find as many have that sizing available. However, you may need to measure how wide the tire’s tread is to ensure you get the best fit.

If you’re uncertain of your tire size, you can find it by measuring across from edge to edge while crossing the wheel’s center.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Jeep Tire Cover

There are multiple reasons to invest in a high-quality product. Choosing any of the best Jeep tire covers will offer many of the following features. 

Long Lifespan

A high-quality tire cover is more likely to last since it’s made from better material. The fabric could be coated to ensure resistance to sunlight. Additionally, the material might be tear-proof or tear-resistant and will not fray if a hole forms.

Proper Fit

Unlike a cheaper option, purchasing a quality product will ensure a better fit. As the best Jeep tire covers reach further behind the wheel, they provide a stronger hold. This grip ensures that they won’t blow off if you’re moving fast down the highway.

TIRE COVER CENTRAL Power of The Dirt Side

Doesn’t Obscure Camera

A high-quality tire cover for newer Jeep models will have a solid part that clips onto the rear camera. This piece prevents the material from obscuring your lens and ensures a proper fit. Lower-quality options that only provide a hole are more likely to tear or block your view.

Image Doesn’t Fade

As a higher-quality item is probably UV resistant and so the image on your cover is unlikely to fade quickly. This protection keeps your Jeep’s appearance looking the absolute best.

Types of Jeep Tire Covers

There are multiple types of covers available for your Jeep. This allows you to find the best option for your vehicle and wheel size.

Elastic Hem

Elastic-hemmed tire covers are a great way to protect your wheel quickly. These items are the easiest to install and remove, requiring only seconds to a minute to stretch the elastic. However, they’re more likely to blow off in high wind conditions than any other options.

Moonet Leather Spare Tire Cover

String Hem

Stringed hems have a small rope that you pull tight once the cover is on the wheel. This method holds on to your tire firmly in poor weather conditions as it cannot stretch. However, as you need to tie the ends together, it can take longer to install.

Hard Covers

Hard covers are more durable and a sturdier option for your Jeep. They often come with a simplistic design that looks great as it doesn’t deform around the wheel. A hardcover is heavier and may be cumbersome to remove.

Locking Covers

Locking covers provide an added measure of security as they employ a method to keep a cover from being removed. The grommets at the bottom of the protector can be held together with a zip tie or often a padlock if you deem it necessary.

How to Install a Spare Tire Cover On a Jeep

Installing any of the best jeep tire covers is a simple task, but we have included a tutorial video below should you need further guidance. The entire process can be completed within a handful of minutes, depending on the product type. 

AmFor Spare Tire Cover

If You Have a Camera

If your Jeep has a rearview camera, you’ll need to remove the cover from it before you can install the tire protector. You’ll need a screwdriver to do so. This part is essential as it acts as an anti-theft device.

When fitting the cover, ensure that the new protector for the camera fits correctly. If the piece is left unsecured, it’s likely to damage the lens or block your view. Additionally, you should begin with the cover turned inside out and then fit the camera protector.

Normal Installation

Installing a standard cover is extremely simple. All you need to do is stretch it over the tire beginning from top to bottom. Ensure that the material reaches fully around without any folds or issues.

An elastic cover will automatically hold itself in place while a cord secured version requires you to tighten the inner rope and tie it off. Any grommets provided for locking can be connected using a zip tie or padlock if it fits.


These are the best jeep tire covers available along with useful information for installing them. There are multiple types of covers, and all of them help prevent your spare wheel from cracking and breaking. Using the guide, you should have no issues finding the right tire protector for your Jeep.

Quick Summary – Best Jeep Tire Covers

Here’s a quick wrap-up of the best Jeep tire covers:

  1.  Mopar Jeep Tire Cover
  2.  Moonet Leather Spare Tire Cover
  3.  AmFor Spare Tire Cover

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People Also Ask

The following are two of the most asked questions about buying any of the best Jeep tire covers. These queries look at whether you truly need to cover your tire and how to measure it to ensure you purchase the right sized product. 

Should I Cover My Jeep Spare Tire?

You should cover your spare wheel as often as possible when driving anywhere. This requirement is in place due to the effect of the sun and other elements on your tire. As you leave the wheel out in the sun, it will begin to heat up and crack along its sidewall.

Any damage to the rubber weakens it and heightens a blowout risk when you eventually use it.

How Do You Measure a Jeep Spare Tire Cover?

One of the most common ways of measuring your tire’s size is to do it yourself. You can measure from one end to the other across the center to find the wheel’s diameter. Jeep tires include a code that you can decipher to know the diameter and additional measurements.

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