Best Jeep Seat Covers of 2022 – Complete Guide

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Jeep owners expect their vehicles to stand up to significant amounts of abuse.

The rugged design and capabilities of Jeeps mean that they tend to attract adventurists and off-road enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the stock seats are not always up to the challenge. 

If you want to increase comfort, improve the interior aesthetic of your Jeep, and protect your seats from wear and tear, you should consider investing in a set of seat covers.

Comparison of the Best Jeep Seat Covers

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When is it Time to Replace My Jeep Seat Covers?

If the stock seats in your Jeep are uncomfortable or do not have the support you need, it could be time to look for a comfortable seat cover for your Jeep. Many people use their Jeeps to traverse bumpy and uneven terrain, and a comfortable seat cover can make driving in those conditions a little bit more enjoyable.

You should also purchase a seat cover if you want to protect your Jeep and preserve its resale value. Seat covers protect your seats from damage and spills. Knowing that the seats are safe from the general wear and tear most car seats deal with gives you peace of mind.

Why Did These Jeep Seat Covers Make Our List?

As with anything you buy for your Jeep, there are a few things to consider while making your decision. Quality, material, durability, affordability, and compatibility help you determine if it is the right product for your vehicle.

When choosing our picks for the best Jeep seat covers, we considered the following factors:


The best seat covers use durable materials that are easy to clean and thick enough to protect your seats. They should also be breathable and comfortable to sit on. While personal preference plays a role, every seat cover we reviewed uses durable materials that the manufacturer selected because they are comfortable and durable. 


There are countless seat covers out there, so we made sure that we chose only those that are specifically compatible with the unique shape and size of Jeep seats. 


While performance is more important, we still made an effort to choose seat covers that looked good and matched well with the interior of a Jeep.

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Review of the Best Jeep Seat Covers 

There are so many seat covers out there, which means choosing the right one for your Jeep can be somewhat tricky.

To help you make the right decision, we have provided reviews of what we consider to be the eight best Jeep seat covers available in 2020.

Best Overall

Bestop 2922615

Bestop 2922615 Black Denim Seat Covers for Front High-Back Seats - Jeep 1997-2002 Wrangler; Sold as Pair; Fit Factory Seats


Fitment Years / Generations: 1997-2002 Wrangler TJ

Position: Front

Material: Vinyl

Color(s): Black Denim

Warranty: 1 year

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What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are generally impressed with how comfortable these seat covers are, considering they use a waterproof and durable vinyl material.

They also appreciate the easy installation, which uses snaps, buckles, and built-in bungee cords. Most found them easy to clean and liked the way they matched the factory interior of their Jeep. However, some were a little bit disappointed by how slippery they feel in wet clothing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These seat covers made our top spot for the best Jeep seat covers because of their tailored fit. They have the exact dimensions of the Jeep Wrangler’s front seats.

Where some seat covers have a more general fit, these covers are perfectly compatible with factory Jeep seats. We also liked how they are available in three colors and have a classic look.

The weatherproof protective surface and fire-resistant coating make sure that these seats are both durable and safe. On top of all that, the installation is a breeze.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a straightforward way to protect the front seats in your Jeep from wear and tear, you should seriously consider this custom-tailored set from Bestop. They protect your seats and look great while doing it.


Includes separate headrest covers

Made from durable, automotive-grade vinyl fabric

Specifically tailored to fit over the original factory seats

Easily adjusted and installed with integrated bungee-cords

Available in three popular colors that compliment the Jeep’s factory interior


Can be a little bit slippery when wet

Wrinkles from being packaged can take a while to flatten out


Rugged Ridge 13235.20

Rugged Ridge Neoprene Seat Cover Pair with Armrest Pad


Fitment Years / Generations: 2007-2018 Wrangler JK

Position: Front

Material: Neoprene

Color(s): Black

Warranty: 5 years

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What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers liked how easy it is to install these seat covers. They also really enjoyed how snuggly they fit over the existing seats without significantly altering the look of the Jeep’s interior. Users also liked the fact that these covers feature zipper pockets and water bottle holders.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These seat covers are our runner-up because we like that they offer a decent level of protection for your seat without being overly complicated or discouraging you from using them. They have a simple design that slips right over your existing seats. Plus, they have added features, such as rear-facing zipper pockets and a holster for a water bottle.

We also liked that they use a durable and comfortable neoprene blend. That said, these seat covers would be just a little better if they came with headrest covers.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for seat covers to protect your Jeep’s interior while keeping the appearance largely the same, take a look at these neoprene covers from Rugged Ridge. They are easy to install and protect your seats from stains and wear.


5-year warranty

Extra-soft and comfortable padding

Easily installed and comes with armrest pad

Constructed of heavy-duty neoprene material

Waterproof and weather-resistant for open-top use


Does not come with headrest covers

Susceptible to fading with excessive sun exposure

Best for the Money

Smittybilt 471230

Smittybilt Neoprene Front and Rear Seat Cover Kit (Black/Red) - 471230


Fitment Years / Generations: 1997-2002 Wrangler TJ

Position: Rear

Material: Neoprene

Color(s): Red & Black

Warranty: 1 year

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers liked that they could cover every seat in their Jeep with this set; however, some reported that the fit was a little bit loose, especially with the rear seat covers.

In terms of comfort and durability, most users felt the covers performed well. That said, they lacked breathability, which means they are not ideal for hot, summer drives.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This seat cover set was our top pick for the best Jeep seat cover for the money, so you should not be surprised to learn that the main reason why it stood out to us was because of its low cost.

Given that you get front seat covers as well as a full cover for the rear bench, this set is very affordable. While it has some issues in terms of fit and breathability, the overall performance is well worth the low price.

We also liked the bold color scheme, which looks great, even if it does not appeal to every Jeep owner.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a reasonable level of protection for your Jeep’s seats on a tight budget, you really cannot go wrong with this seat cover set from Smittybilt. You get covers for every seat in your Jeep at an incredibly low price.


Low cost

Padded for comfort

Durable neoprene material

Eye-catching black and red color combination

Complete set includes front and rear seat covers


Loose fit in some areas

Somewhat poor breathability can make them uncomfortable in hot climates

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Best Waterproof Seat Covers Jeep Wrangler

Rough Country Neoprene Seat Covers

Rough Country Neoprene Seat Covers for 2013-2018 Jeep Wrangler | 4-Door - 91004


Fitment Years / Generations: 2013-2018 Wrangler JK (4DR)

Position: 1st & 2nd Rows

Material: Neoprene

Color(s): Black

Warranty: 1 year

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers were impressed with the overall look of these seat covers. They particularly love the snug fit and sleek appearance. Users are also impressed with the value, which makes sense. This set includes not only front and rear seat covers but also headrest covers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are quite a few reasons why these seat covers stood out to us. For starters, we liked that they are UV resistant. This feature is essential for Jeep owners, as many drive around with the roof off during the sunny summer months.

We were also impressed by how durable and comfortable these seat covers are. They come equipped with a protective, waterproof neoprene layer that is a huge selling point. The thick foam padding is also exceptionally breathable, which helps keep you comfortable during the warmer months.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a sleek set of waterproof seat covers for your Jeep Wrangler, this set of first and second-row seat covers offers an impressive level of comfort and protection at a very affordable price.


Easy installation

UV resistant to prevent fading

Waterproof and weather-resistant

Includes covers for front seats and second-row

4-layer construction featuring comfortable foam padding and a protective polyester shell


Fairly weak adjustment straps

Bottom of covers tends to slide out of position

Best Jeep TJ Seat Covers

Coverking SPC131

Coverking - SPC131 Custom Fit Seat Cover for Jeep Wrangler TJ 2-Door - (Neoprene, Black/Charcoal)


Fitment Years / Generations: 2003-2006 Wrangler TJ

Position: Front

Material: Neoprene

Color(s): Charcoal & Black

Warranty: 1 year

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are generally impressed with how comfortable and thick these neoprene covers are. They also liked the color options because they could give their Wrangler a unique look. Most were impressed with how durable the covers are; however, some buyers reported frustration when it came to dealing with Coverking’s customer service helpline.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The thing we liked most about this set of seat covers is their tailored design. They fit the exact dimensions of a particular vehicle. Where some manufacturers offer general Jeep seat covers, these have a custom fit to the Jeep Wrangler TJ.

We also liked how many color options are available. They are comfortable and easy to clean; however, buyers should note that they are not UV-resistant, which can be an issue for those that like to take the top off of their TJ.

Bottom Line

These seat covers perfectly fit the front two seats of the two-door Jeep Wrangler TJ. They feature a soft and comfortable neoprene surface layer and stand up well to accidental spills and mud. If you want a good set of seat covers for your Jeep TJ that won’t break the bank, these could be just what you need.


Water and stain-resistant

Designed for easy installation

Tailored to fit the Jeep Wrangler TJ

Available in a variety of unique colors

High-quality adjustment buckles and zippers for a secure fit


Poor customer service

Can fade with excessive sun exposure

Best Jeep JK Seat Covers

Totally Covers Full Set Seat Covers

TOTALLY COVERS Compatible with 2011-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Seat Covers: Black & Red - Full Set: Front & Rear (23 Colors) 2-Door/4-Door Complete Back Solid/Split Bench


Fitment Years / Generations: 2011-2018 Wrangler JK

Position: Front & Rear

Material: Cotton

Color(s): Red & Black

Warranty: 30-day Money Back Guarantee

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers enjoyed choosing between so many colors. These options make it easy to give their Jeep’s interior a unique look. While most found the cotton material comfortable, some would have preferred it if it were a bit thicker. Installation was fairly straightforward for most people, but the included instruction manual is difficult to understand.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The first thing we noticed is that these covers have a tailored fit for the Jeep Wrangler JK. We were also impressed that they use a durable cotton blend. Most seat covers at this price point use cheap materials, so the fact that these are a machine-washable cotton blend is impressive.

We also liked how many color options Totally Covers has available. Plus, given that you get both front and rear seat covers and headrest covers, this set comes at a great price.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a set of protective seat covers that perfectly fit your Jeep Wrangler JK, take a look at this set of cotton covers from Totally Covers. Installation is easy, as is maintenance and care.


Machine washable

Available in 23 colors

Features comfortable foam padding

Includes covers for front and rear seats

Constructed of a high-quality, three-layered cotton blend


Fairly thin

Very poor installation instructions

Best Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Seat Cover

CarsCover Custom Fit Seat Cover

CarsCover Custom Fit 2011-2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4dr JK Neoprene Car SUV Wagon Front & Rear Seat Covers Gray & Black Sides Tailor Made Seat Cover


Fitment Years / Generations: 2011-2018 Wrangler JKU

Position: Front & Rear

Material: Neoprene

Color(s): Gray & Black

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers found that these seat covers fit over the seats in their Jeep Wrangler Unlimited quite well. Since the tailored design covers this exact model, it makes for an easy installation and a snug fit. However, some buyers were a little bit disappointed that these covers were on the thin side.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The first thing we noticed about these seat covers is that CarsCover tailored them to the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. We liked that they pre-treated each of these covers with a UV-resistant coating, which helps prevent the fading issues many people experience with neoprene covers.

While we would have preferred more color options, the black and grey color scheme should match just about any Jeep’s interior.

Bottom Line

If you own a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and you want an affordable set of seat covers that will not suffer from UV damage, consider this front and rear cover set from CarsCover.


Rear map pockets

High level of water resistance

Includes covers for front seats, rear bench, and headrests

Pre-treated with a UV-resistant coating that also protects against stains and spills

Tailor-made to fit the specific seat dimensions of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited


Only available in one color

Neoprene material is a bit thin

Best Jeep Wrangler Leather Seat Cover

Luckyman Club Leather Seat Covers

No products found.


Fitment Years / Generations: Wrangler JK

Position: Front

Material: Leather

Color(s): Black & Blue

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are impressed by the quality of the leather material of these covers. They may not be genuine leather, but most buyers agree that the faux leather looks very real. Most users found them comfortable, but they don’t breathe well and may be too hot in the summer months.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The first thing that stood out about these faux leather seat covers is how much they look like genuine leather. They convincingly make it look like your Wrangler has a leather interior.

While they look great, these covers also offer an impressive level of protection for your seats. They are resistant to spills and can easily be wiped clean.

While it would have been nice if these covers had a tailored fit for the Jeep Wrangler, they do fit the seats quite well.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to protect the seats in your Jeep Wrangler and give the interior the look of leather, you should seriously consider these faux leather seat covers from Luckyman Club. They fit great, perform well, and look fantastic.


Easy to install

Does not block airbags

Waterproof and scratch-resistant

Available in five shades of faux leather

Made from a durable PVC leather material


Not very breathable

Not specifically designed to fit the Jeep Wrangler

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Benefits of Getting Jeep Seat Covers

There are several reasons why you should invest in a good set of seat covers for your Jeep. The following are just some of the reasons why any of the seat covers listed above are worth picking up:

Protect Your Seats 

Seat covers protect your seats from dirt, water, spills, mud, and UV damage. Since Jeeps love an adventure, make sure you cover your seats to protect them against all of the mess that goes along with it.

Give Your Jeep a Unique Look

Many Jeep owners chose their vehicle because it allows them to express their personality. Seat covers are available in a wide variety of materials, styles, and colors. Choose a set of seat covers that matches your taste to make your Jeep stand out.

Make Your Seats More Comfortable

Many seat covers increase padding and support. Given that many Jeep owners find themselves on bumpy and uneven roads, that extra cushioning can make the driving experience that much more comfortable. 

Rough Country Neoprene Seat Covers

Types of Jeep Seat Covers

Seat covers use many types of material. Some of the more popular materials for Jeep seat covers are as follows:

Neoprene Covers

Neoprene is a fairly common material for seat covers because it has high water resistance. It is also flexible and soft to the touch, so it is comfortable and easy to install.

Faux Leather Covers

Faux leather is another popular type of seat cover material. It is easy to clean and has a sophisticated look. Plus, it is usually waterproof and creates a durable barrier between your seats and any spills or dirt that would otherwise stain them.

Denim Covers

Denim seat covers present rugged strength and durability. While not necessarily the most comfortable seat covers, they withstand substantial abuse and offer a unique look. 

Mesh Covers

Mesh seat covers work well in hot climates because they are breathable. They protect seats from rips and tears but offer very little in terms of moisture and spill protection.

CarsCover Custom Fit Seat Cover

Canvas Covers

Canvas covers are incredibly durable and a top choice for utility and agricultural vehicles. They can be a little rough on the skin, but they offer incredible protection.

Comparison Overview 

If you’re still trying to figure out what seat covers are right for your Jeep, here are some direct comparisons to consider.

Neoprene vs Leather

Neoprene covers tend to be a low-cost seat cover solution. The material is stretchy and has pretty good moisture resistance, which makes it an ideal solution for anyone looking to protect their seats from spills and tears.

They are usually very affordable but do not last as long as some of the other seat cover materials.

On the other hand, leather and faux leather seat covers are more expensive, but they offer incredible protection for your seats. They wipe clean quickly and easily, but they are also somewhat tricky to install due to their stiffer construction.

Jeep Cherokee Sport Seat Cover vs Jeep Wrangler

There are differences between the seats in the Jeep Cherokee Sport and the Jeep Wrangler. These differences are mostly due to the difference in seat sizes. Where the Jeep Wrangler features tall, bucket-style seats, the Jeep Cherokee’s are wide and short. Why? The Cherokee is designed more for commuting and typical road driving, while the Wrangler is for trail riding and off-roading.

Read more: Best Jeep Wrangler Mods; Jeep Door Laws by State

How to Install Jeep Seat Covers

While cover installation depends on the type of seat cover and Jeep model, the following steps provide a general guide on how you can install seat covers in a Jeep.

  1. Slide and tilt seat forward
  2. Remove the headrest and place the cover over the top of the seat. Pull it down all the way.
  3. Position the seat cover so that headrest lock tabs are poking through the holes.
  4. Fasten and secure all tabs, hooks, Velcro flaps, buckles, and bungees. Make sure the seat cover is held in place securely before reattaching the headrests. Do not over-tighten anything to the point that the cover material is under excessive stress, or you could risk ripping the seat cover.

Installation Video:

Be sure to watch the video below for a full installation overview. Remember, always read the instruction manual that comes packaged with your new seat covers. It is also a good idea to read through the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations to make sure you do not damage your new covers.


While the seat covers you choose for your Jeep depend on your preferences and your unique needs, you should seriously consider investing in a set to keep your seats in good condition. Any of the seat covers we reviewed above are well made and a great place to start.

Quick Summary – Best Jeep Seat Covers

Here’s a quick summary of the best Jeep seat covers:

  1. Bestop 2922615
  2. Rugged Ridge 13235.20
  3. Smittybilt 471230

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People Also Ask

We know it’s not always easy choosing the right accessories for your truck. If you still have some questions, we want to help. Here are some of the things people wonder about the most when buying Jeep seat covers.

How Do I Keep My Seat Covers From Sliding?

You can prevent your seat covers from sliding during use by making sure that all of the tabs and hooks are secured. You should also make sure that every zipper and Velcro strap is completely closed.

Do Neoprene Seat Covers Get Hot?

While some cheaper neoprene seat covers can get hot in warm climates, neoprene is a breathable material. The best way to make sure a neoprene cover is not too hot is to make sure you are choosing one from a reputable brand.

How to Clean Neoprene Jeep Seat Covers

While you should not machine wash neoprene seat covers, they are fairly easy to clean. Use a mixture of warm water and wet suit shampoo to scrub the cover. Since wetsuits are made with neoprene, wetsuit shampoo is perfectly suited for cleaning neoprene seat covers.

What Kind of Seat Covers Do I Need?

The type of seat covers you need depends on personal preferences and your own unique needs. If you want something more durable, choose a seat cover made from tougher material, such as faux leather or canvas. If you just want something comfortable and capable of protecting your seats against staining, consider a neoprene or cotton cover.

How Much Are Seat Covers for a Jeep?

Seat covers vary in price depending on the material, brand, and the number of covers in a particular set. Generally, you can find a pack of seat covers for about $150 to $300.

How to Make Seat Covers Fit Tight

To give your seat covers a tight fit, make sure all clasps, zippers, and flaps are closed. It is a good idea to check each restraint regularly and retighten as necessary. They do loosen up with regular use.

How Long Do Jeep Seat Covers Last?

How long a seat cover lasts depends on how the quality of the construction and the material. On average, a typical seat cover lasts around three years; however, this depends on how much abuse they experience.

Are Seat Covers Legal and Safe to Use?

Seat covers are legal and safe to use. Just make sure they are secured and that they do not cover any airbags.

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