Best Jeep JK Roof Racks – 2022 Round-up

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Some Jeep owners may only use their Wranglers to commute to work or to take the family out to dinner. However, we know most Jeep drivers are looking for adventure. 

Adventure comes with accessories! Your Wrangler JK may not have enough space for them, which is where a great roof rack comes in handy.

Comparison of the Best Jeep JK Roof Racks

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Picking the Right Roof Rack for Your Jeep JK

When picking a roof rack, it’s essential to understand your needs before deciding on the right product. Here are some factors to consider when you do your research. 

Load Capacity

Maybe you’re looking for a roof rack to load your skis on when you’re going out for a ski trip. You’ll need crossbars that can accommodate the weight and length of your skis. When your family loves camping, you need to assess all your camping equipment and the items’ weight.

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Keep in mind that you may not be able to distribute the weight of the cargo evenly. You may need to place your tent on one side and fill the rest of the space with smaller and lighter items. In this case, two crossbars won’t work.

Easy to Install

Will you install your roof rack as a DIY project, or are you planning to ask a professional? This question is crucial when you select your roof rack. It should make your life easier. If you buy a roof rack without knowing if it’s easy or difficult to install, you may end up throwing it in the trash. It’s best to find the installation instructions before you purchase it.

This way, you’ll be able to ascertain if you can install it or if you should ask a professional for help. There’s a lot of info online, and some friendly installers have even published instruction videos to help you out.

Durability and Strength

This is an aspect that’s easily overlooked in our fast-paced world. We’re easily swept up in the excitement of an upcoming trip and tend to purchase the first, best-looking product. Although you don’t want to break the bank for a roof rack, you also don’t want to replace it after a month of use.

Before you fork out the money, take a moment to review the material in the products. You could research this material and read some reviews about the item. Save yourself some trouble and find out if the product is durable before you purchase it.

SnailAuto Black Luggage Roof Rack

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Review of the Best Jeep JK Roof Racks

We’ve researched some of the roof racks that are available to help you find the product that best suits your needs.

Best Overall

EAG 2/4 Cargo Basket Roof Rack

EAG 2/4 Door Roof Rack Cargo Basket with Wind Deflector 2 PCS Fits for 07-18 Wrangler JK


Carrying Capacity: 300 lbs

Weight of Rack: 80 lbs

Construction: Steel (powder coated)

Mounting: Rear door hinges and brackets into the rain channels

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If you’re the adventurer who needs a roof rack for camping or week-long off-road excursions, this is the one for you. This basket-style rack makes it easy to load articles with different shapes and sizes, and it can hold up to 150 pounds. 

The high-quality steel tube and powder-coat finish make it perfect for a seaside vacation as well as a rainy week in the woods. However, if you only want to load your kayak on the roof of your Wrangler, this may not be the best roof rack for you. It’s best suited for transporting heavier loads or odd-shaped pieces. 

Bottom Line

E-Autogrilles offers a heavy-duty and durable solution in this basket-style roof rack. The rust and corrosion-resistant powder-coating will keep this basket in top condition, and it’s easy to install. At the same time, the sturdy steel structure can handle all your outdoor gear and necessities.


150 pounds load-bearing capacity

Can handle bulky or odd-shaped articles

Durable 16-gauge, 1-inch round steel tubing

Aerodynamic design with a fore-end wind deflector

Rust and corrosion resistant with textured black powder-coating


Generates some wind noise

Steel tubing can rust when exposed to humid weather


Snailfly Cross Bars Roof Rail Rack

Snailfly Heavy Duty 220 lbs Capacity Cross Bars Roof Rail Racks Fit for Jeep Wrangler JK JL Gladiator JT 2007-2024 Crossbars


Carrying Capacity: 165 lbs

Weight of Rack: 16 lbs

Construction: Aluminum

Mounting: Clamps into the rain channels

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Are you taking the family out for off-road biking or kayaking on a lake or river close by? Perhaps you have a cargo carrier, and you need a roof rack for it. If you own a Wrangler JK with a rain gutter on a hardtop, the Snailfly crossbars will work well for you. 

It’s not the best solution if you’re off on a camping trip. Camping usually requires articles in different shapes, sizes, and weights. The weight on these crossbars needs to be distributed evenly. A cargo carrier, snowboard, or bike-rack will fit very well on a Snailfly.

Bottom Line

Grab this roof rail rack from Snailfly if you’re a sports fanatic who wants to bike in the woods, kayak, or go snowboarding. This is also a good solution if you’re taking the family away for the weekend. All you need is a cargo carrier to fit on the Snailfly crossbars.


Easy to install as they are two separate racks

Ideal for carrying toys such as bikes or kayaks

Mounting brackets need no drilling as they mount to the rain channel

It can be transferred to another vehicle as there are no holes to repair

Tested in a wind tunnel to ensure an aerodynamic shape and reduce wind resistance and noise


Lower carrying capacity

No base or sides, so carrying luggage can be problematic unless an additional box is fitted

Best for the Money

SnailAuto Luggage Roof Rack

Snailfly Black Luggage Roof Rack Fit for 2007-2024 Jeep Wrangler JK JL Gladiator JT 2&4 Door Cross Bars


Carrying Capacity: 165 lbs

Weight of Rack: 13 lbs

Construction: Aluminum alloy with black powder-coated finish

Mounting: Clamps into the rain channels

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The SnailAuto is the best value-for-money roof rack for your Wrangler JK. Don’t let its affordability fool you. It’s constructed from aluminum to be light-weight, but that doesn’t deduct from the cross bars’ strength. 

The powder-coated finish makes it durable, and it’ll last a long time. You can easily mount it on the rain gutters of your JK’s hardtop, and there’s no need to drill or cut anything. The low profile design won’t make it stand out too much and lowers wind resistance. It’s the ideal product to add extra storage space to your Jeep. And there are many jeep hardtop storage ideas availabe, that you can use to increase it more.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for extra storage or loading space in the lower price range, this is the roof rack you’re looking for. The SnailAuto is durable with light-weight strength for your hardtop. You’ll be able to load the bikes or some camping gear for your next trip, and it’s easy to install.


Simple installation

Simple to transfer to another vehicle

Robust construction with a supported base

Excellent for transporting bikes, snowboards, or skis

Mounting brackets need no drilling as they mount to the rain channel


Not suitable for soft-top vehicles

No base or sides, so carrying luggage can be problematic unless a luggage box is attached

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Best Jeep JK Soft-Top Roof Rack

Smittybilt SRC Roof Rack

Smittybilt 76717 SRC Roof Rack for Jeep JK 4-Door


Carrying Capacity: 300 lbs

Weight of Rack: 115 lbs

Construction: Steel tube, powder-coated black

Mounting: Four-point mount on front door mounts and rear frame

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What makes the Smittybilt ideal for your soft-top Jeep Wrangler JK? It mounts directly to the front door mounts and the rear frame of your vehicle. That’s it—no attachments to the roof of your JK. 

You’ll love this roof rack if you always struggle to pack everything you need. This product supports up to 300 pounds, so you’ll have ample space for those extras. When you’re not using it, simply remove the roof rack, disassemble, and store it. It’ll only take up a small space and can easily be stored in your garage or basement.

Bottom Line

This light-weight roof rack is the ideal addition to your soft-top Wrangler JK. Smittybilt designed it in modules, so it’s easy to store when not in use. Get this roof rack if you need extra space.


Simple modular frame

Crossbars come off quickly to remove the hard or soft top

Ideal for rooftop tent or carrying toys such as bikes or kayaks

It can be transferred to another vehicle as there are no holes to repair

Mounting brackets need no drilling as they mount to existing brackets

Strong construction with a supported base that can carry a heavy load


Rust and rattling are common issues

Will not work with wrap-around rear bumpers

Problems when fitting the rear frame bolts with a standard factory-supplied bumper

Best Jeep JK Hard-Top Roof Rack

Hooke Road Roof Rack

Hooke Road Roof Rack Cross Bars Kayak Cargo Carriers Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK JL Gladiator JT 2007-2024 (4-Door Hard Top)


Carrying Capacity: 88 lbs

Weight of Rack: 12 lbs

Construction: Aluminum alloy and ABS plastic construction

Mounting: Clamps into the roof rain gutters

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


Hooke Road designed this roof rack specifically for certain Jeep models, including your hard-top Wrangler JK. Since off-road is most Jeep owners’ playground, Hooke made this from high-quality materials and designed it to reduce drag and wind noise. 

It can accommodate most types of water sport mounts, bike racks, and ski racks. It’ll allow you to enjoy outdoor adventures on your off-road travels. Using only this roof rack, you may not be able to take the family on vacation because it can only support 88 pounds. 

However, if you’re loading your kayak and supplies for a weekend, this one will work quite well.

Bottom Line

Are you looking to get a roof rack for those quick weekends biking in the mountains or kayaking up a river? These crossbars from Hooke road are the solution you need. It’s easy to install, carries 88 pounds, and accommodates a variety of accessories.


Eighty-eight-pound load capacity

Engineered to decrease wind drag

Noise reduction strips for wind noise

Bolt-on mounting to the factory hardtop rain gutter

Build with ABS Plastic and high-quality aluminum alloy


It may not accommodate some snowboard/ski racks

Best Jeep JK 2 Door Roof Rack

Rugged Ridge Roof Rack

Rugged Ridge | Sherpa Roof Rack | 11703.01 | Fits 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2-Door


Carrying Capacity: 300 lbs

Weight of Rack: 78 lbs

Construction: Steel pipes with black powder coating

Mounting: 4 point fixture to Jeep body

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


Sometimes you want to transport your goods and accessories while driving with the top down. Rugged Ridge designed the Sherpa with your adventurous spirit in mind. It has a unique tilt feature to let you remove the freedom panels or access your soft top without removing the roof rack. 

Is this the freedom you’re looking for? On top of that, the forward-facing crossbar can be used as an integrated light bar. Rugged Ridge also designed a bracket for this light bar that can accommodate four lights. Keep in mind that it’s not advisable to fit a rooftop tent on this roof rack.

Bottom Line

If you’re seeing yourself driving with the top down and your kayak on the roof rack, this is the product for you. It has a five-year limited warranty and features an integrated light bar. Simply bolt it onto your JK, and let the adventure begin.


Easy access to soft top

Five years limited warranty

Features a unique tilt option

Light bar integrated into the front panel

Remove freedom panels while leaving roof rack in place


The manufacturer recommends not using this roof rack with a rooftop tent

Best Jeep JK Roof Rack 4 Door

Rhino-Rack Aero Bar

Rhino-Rack Roof Rack Compatible with Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK JL JT Gladiator 4 Door Hard Top, Gutter Mount, Powder Coated Aluminum Vortex Bars, High Strength Glass Filled Nylon Legs, Black (SG59)


Carrying Capacity: 88 lbs

Weight of Rack: 11 lbs

Construction: Aluminum (painted matt black) with rubber non-slip strip along the top

Mounting: Flush mount to rain gutters

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


Rhino Racks designed this with almost anyone in mind. The bars are designed to accommodate a variety of accessories for different applications. Suppose you’re a contractor that uses your Wrangler to transport equipment or a traveler who needs extra space. 

There’s a good chance that the different kinds of accessories you’re using will fit on this roof rack. It mounts on the protruding gutter of your Jeep and can be easily installed or removed. The bars are flush with your JK’s roof. It can handle a load of 88 pounds, and it’s built to last.

Bottom Line

The Aero bar offers an all-around solution for contractors and adventurers alike. It’s stylish, features VGS wind reduction strips, and it’s durable. You can strap on or fit almost any accessories to this roof rack. Simply install it on the protruding gutters of your Jeep’s roof, and you’re all set.


Strong and durable

VGS strips for wind noise reduction

No overhang on the stylish flush bars

It fits on the protruding side gutter of your vehicle

Ideally suited as a removable or non-permanent solution


Wind can cause a whistling noise

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Benefits of Installing a Jeep Roof Rack

If you’re reading this, you probably already know why you’re looking for a roof rack but let’s discuss some of the benefits.

Transport Large Items

If you’re going down to the beach, you may want to take a surfboard. When you’re going camping, you need a tent and other equipment. As much as you love your Wrangler JK, it doesn’t have enough space for large items. That’s where a roof rack will be handy.

Safely Transporting People and Equipment

You may have enough space inside your vehicle for smaller items, but it isn’t safe. In a car with a boot, the loose items are tucked safely away from the passenger. It’s best to load loose items on a roof rack and keep everyone in the vehicle safe.

More Legroom and Space for Everyone

You could put your things on the floor of your JK, but you’ll compromise on leg space. Placing these items on a roof rack will ensure a more relaxing journey.

Price Points of Jeep JK Roof Racks

While you shouldn’t only buy a rack based on the price tag, the price can give some guidance. A certain price range will, in most cases, offer a certain quality.

$70 – $100

Most racks in this price range will be made of a high-quality plastic material and may be weather resistant. It may only fit on hard-top Wranglers and can handle less weight than items with higher price tags. It should last a long time if you use it as indicated and don’t overload the crossbars. 

You may also need extra time to install these items.

$100 – $200

Spending a little more money will give you high-quality materials, weather resistance, and additional features. These features will include an aerodynamic design that decreases wind noise and drag.

At the same time, the load capacity will be higher for most of the items in this price range. The manufacturers spend more time on the design of these items, so they’ll be easier to install. 


High-quality roof racks are the most expensive and can support maximum load capacity. It’s made from durable materials and may come with a longer warranty. They’ll also be weather resistant and, in most cases, have a feature to reduce wind noise. These items usually include straps that you can use to secure items to the rack. Other extras may include side-rail cutters and side rails.

Snailfly Cross Bars Roof Rail Racks

Who Should Not Buy a Roof Rack?

Before you run out to buy a roof rack, let’s make sure that it’s the best solution for you. There isn’t one solution that will fit everyone. There’s a weight limit to each roof rack. If you can’t find a roof rack that can support the weight of all your goods, perhaps it’s time to look at a trailer. 

Are you looking for a rack to fit your rooftop tent on, but your family is becoming too big for it? Maybe you should start looking for a caravan. Roof racks are a wonderful solution to a myriad of problems, but there are limitations. 

Be sure to find a solution that will safely solve your problem. An overloaded roof rack is always a safety risk, and it should be avoided at all costs. It won’t only jeopardize your or your passengers’ safety, but the safety of every road user around you.

Please consider your options carefully, and always consider the safety of others.

Hooke Road Roof Rack


We’ve explained the benefits of a roof rack and what aspects to look at. Here are a few reviews about different types of roof racks. We’ve also explained when it’s not a good idea to install one. Now all that’s left to do, is for you to find what’s best for you and enjoy it.

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People Also Ask

We’ve provided most of the information you may need, but you may be wondering about something else. Here are answers to questions that are sometimes asked.

Can You Put a Roof Rack on a Soft-Top Jeep?

Yes. There are roof racks that are specifically designed to fit on both soft-top and hard-top Jeeps.

Do You Need Crossbars for a Roof Rack?

It depends on the roof rack that you install. Some roof racks only mount onto the gutter of your hard-top. Be sure to read the specs before you purchase a roof rack.

Can You Take the Top Off a Jeep With a Roof Rack?

Yes. Some roof racks are built with special features, so you don’t need to remove the rack if you want to take the top off.

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