Best Off Road Lights For Jeeps: Lightbars & Pods

| Last Updated: September 1, 2021

Have you ever enjoyed off-roading so much that you lost track of time? Were you forced to crawl at a snail’s pace back to the beginning of the trailhead?

If so, you aren’t alone. And that’s why so many Jeep enthusiasts turn to off road lights to illuminate the terrain in front of them. When headlights and high beams won’t get the job done, check out the best off road lights for Jeeps.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Off Road Lights

Like other types of Jeep lighting, off road lights come in a variety of styles, shapes, wattages, bulb types, brightnesses, budgets, and more. With so many different options, you can’t simply grab the first bulb off the shelf. Before you buy, consider these factors that can make a profound impact on which Jeep off road lights that you purchase.

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Different Mounting Styles

Unlike headlights or high beams, off road lights for your Jeep come in several mounting styles depending on your preference and needs. Where you mount the lights has a profound impact on what’s illuminated, giving you the light you need when you need it most. Off road lights typically mount on the roof of the vehicle, on the grille, or on the front bumper.

Light Patterns

Light patterns for your off road Jeep lights are another factor that can impact which product you select. Each serves an individual purpose, but you can also add more than one light pattern to your vehicle to illuminate a bigger area or turn one on and one off for certain driving scenarios.

Light pattern choices include:

  • Flood lights: These illuminate a wide area over a short distance. In most cases, these are ideal for lighting up a campsite or working on something late at night.
  • Spotlights: Spotlights produce a focused beam of light that can cut through the darkness for a longer distance than flood lights. Although brighter and more concentrated, they don’t cover a wide area, meaning they aren’t ideal for lighting a broad space.
  • Fog lights: As the name suggests, fog lights are designed specifically to cut through light, moderate, or dense fog, depending on the type, amount of lumens, and wattage. They can also cut through dust or rain, making them ideal for more remote terrain.
  • Driving lights: These lights are a supplementary addition to your headlights and high beams. Typically mounted on the grille or installed in the bumper (with or without modifications), driving lights can provide more light without being dangerous to other motorists or your off-road caravan.

Bulb Types

Bulb types play a pivotal role in the amount of illumination you get. In addition, the type of bulb can also affect your budget drastically. Although incandescent off road lights were once the king of the off-road lighting world, these have gone by the wayside in favor of more environmentally friendly and more efficient bulbs. The most popular types are:

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  • Halogen bulbs: The cheapest option for off-road lighting, halogen bulbs emit a decent amount of light, but not nearly as much as the other bulbs on the market. However, the affordable and attractive price makes them a great pick for people who off-road infrequently.
  • LED bulbs: With superior brightness despite lower wattage (1/10 of the energy usage of halogen bulbs), LED bulbs have become the most popular off-road light. They’re also highly customizable, with numerous colors, designs, and shapes available.
  • High-intensity discharge bulbs: If money is no obstacle, high-intensity discharge off-road lighting is the brightest off-road lights that money can buy. They’re almost twice as bright as LED lights, so if brightness is a concern, this is a solid choice.
  • SAE Compliant / Street-Legal
  • 4" Round Pod Light
  • Sold as a Pair
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  • Legendary RIGID Warranty
  • Less than 2" Tall
  • Available in multiple combo variations
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
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  • Newest Radiance Versions
  • Available in 4 "backlight" colors
  • Blacked out Circuit Board
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  • 150 Watts
  • IP68 and IP69K Protection Rating
  • 3 Year Finish Warranty
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  • 5 watt CREE LED chips
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Made in USA
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  • Brightest 6" Round lights
  • 5 Backlight Colors
  • Available in Amber or White
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Review of the Best Off Road Lights For Jeeps

Now that you have a basic idea of what Jeep off road lights are ideal for your budget and needs, it’s time to dive deeper into product lines. Offering excellent value and stellar reviews from customers, here are the best off road lights for Jeeps.

Best Overall

RIGID 360 Series SAE-Compliant Lights


Type of Off-Road Lighting: Round LED

Bulb Type: LED

Size: 4 inches

Brightness: 8,600 lumens (per pair)

Power: 30 watts

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For drivers that want to buy one pair of off-road lights for as long as they own their Jeep, the Rigid 360 Series is an excellent choice. Buyers report that these lights are simple to install once you purchase the wiring harness, and overall, they provide an excellent amount of brightness in fog, dust, and rain.

Bottom Line

If you’re searching for a long-lasting off road light for your Jeep, few other models can top the Rigid 360 Series. With a durable housing, a bright LED light, and a style to match, this off road light is a top choice for Jeep owners.


50,000 hour lifespan

Durable aluminum housing

SAE J583 designation

Limited lifetime warranty

Available in white and amber colors


Hefty price tag

Wiring harness sold separately


RIGID SR-Series Pro 30″ Lightbar


Type of Off-Road Lighting: Light bar (spot/flood combo)

Bulb Type: Led

Size: 30 inches (50 inches available)

Brightness: 9,600 lumens

Power: 127.5 watts

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Buyers of the Rigid SR-Series Pro Light Bar praise its ability to illuminate deep into the night. In particular, those who live in rural areas or the mountains find that these lights are an excellent choice in addition to off-road driving. And with the wiring harness included, you don’t have to worry about spending extra cash to get this bad boy installed.

Bottom Line

Although expensive compared to other types of off road lighting, the Rigid SR Series is an excellent entry-level light bar that provides superb lighting for long distances. And with simple installation, it’s also a great light for novice DIYers.


Over 50,000 hours of bulb life

Comes with the wiring harness

An extra 50 to 75 yards of visibility

Excellent for rural areas or winding roads

Combines both spot and flood lights for better illumination


Expensive compared to other options

Best for the Money

ZROADZ 3″ LED Pod Lights


Type of Off-Road Lighting: Flood light

Bulb Type: LED

Size: 3-inch cube

Brightness: 1,712 lumens

Power: 20 watts

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If you want a small off road light for your Jeep that packs a punch, look no further than the ZROADZ 3” LED Pod Lights. With just a three-inch cube, this light can still illuminate like bulbs twice the size or wattage. Users also report that the installation is simple, despite the wiring harness being sold separately.

Bottom Line

If you want an inconspicuous light that you can mount in several places on your Jeep, the ZROADZ 3” LED Pod Lights are the off-road fixture you’ve been waiting for. And despite the additional costs for installation and only a three-year warranty on the housing, these lights are proof that good things can indeed come in small packages.


Bolt-on installation

50,000+ hour lifespan

Limited lifetime warranty on the fixture

Comes with state of the art CREE LED lights

Powder-coated finish for weather resistance


Wiring harness not included

May be too small for some drivers

Only a three-year warranty on the housing

Best Jeep JK Off Road Lights

RIGID Radiance XL LED Pod Lights


Type of Off-Road Lighting: Pod lights with spot and flood hybrid

Bulb Type: LED

Size: 4-inch cube

Brightness: 900 lumens

Power: 15 watts

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If you’re searching for an LED pod light that installs easily, gives you a bit of customization in terms of color, and has the latest technology, look no further than the Rigid Radiance XL LED Pod Lights. With the combined attributes of both flood and spot lights, this off road light provides depth and width when you need it most. And with a blacked-out circuit board and black housing, these sleek looking lights are just what you need to spice up the look of your Jeep.

Bottom Line

Although these lights aren’t as bright as some other options on the market, they make up for it with spot optic technology and the ability to customize your color with the color scheme of your Jeep. But if you’re looking for an affordable off-road lighting solution, Rigid Radiance XL LED Pod Lights will light up your path.


Back lighting in white, amber, green, blue, or red

Blacked-out circuit board for a refined appearance

Broad spot optics technology for improved width and brightness

Powder-coated black aluminum housing for corrosion and weather resistance

Sold in a two-pack for ease and includes wiring harness and mounting brackets


Priced higher than other pod lights of similar quality (typical of RIGID)

Best LED Off Road Lights

ZROADZ 30″ Slim Light Bar


Type of Off-Road Lighting: Light bar

Bulb Type: LED

Size: 30 inches

Brightness: 14,562 lumens

Power: 150 watts

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If you want extreme brightness on a shoestring budget, you’ll love the ZROADZ 30” Slim Light Bar. Featuring 30 Cree LED lights in both spot and flood format, this beast pumps out enough light to make you feel like flipped the switch on the sun. The sleek design is also not as bulky or conspicuous as some other off-road lighting options, giving your Jeep a similar profile without the gaudiness.

Bottom Line

Thanks to 30 LED lights, the ZROADZ 30” Slim Light Bar provides an astounding amount of brightness that’s been known to go over 100 yards. Although these lights lack some of the customizations as other lights and produce a decent amount of noise on the highway, it’s a small price to pay for some of the brightest lights available today.


Comes with mounting hardware

Features 30 high-quality CREE LED lights

One of the brightest lights for the money

Flood/spot combo for better lighting width and depth

Lifetime warranty for the entire bar, not just the lights themselves


Only available in one color

Installation can be difficult for novice mechanics and DIYers

Some buyers report lots of wind noise on the highway despite the light’s sleek profile

Best Off Road Light Bars

ZROADZ 6″ Slim Light Bar


Type of Off-Road Lighting: Light bar

Bulb Type: LED

Size: 6 inches

Brightness: 2,900 lumens

Power: 30 watts

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If you want to keep a sleek profile on your Jeep that mimics the day you drove it off the lot but needs extra lighting power, the ZROADZ 6” Slim Light Bar has you covered. Although it measures in at just 6 inches, it still provides a whopping 2,900 lumens, which easily outpaces pod lights and other types of mounted off road lighting options. And with compatibility for Jeeps nearly five decades old and a lifetime warranty, this lighting fixture just might outlast the Jeep itself. (Know how long Jeep Wranglers last.)

Bottom Line

Illuminating the road without a garish profile, the ZROADZ 6” Slim Light Bar is an awesome choice in a market packed with monstrous, oversized light bars. While some off-roaders may be wary of its lackluster lighting compared to 20- or 30-inch light bars, this light bar provides a super affordable choice that you won’t find in any other product.


Lifetime warranty

Slim design that doesn’t detract from the rest of the Jeep

High color temperature (6000k) produces a cool, alluring white light

Flood and spot combination for better lighting in a variety of conditions


May not be enough lighting for some Jeep off-road drivers

Best Round LED Off Road Lights

RIGID 360 Series 6″ LED Lights


Type of Off-Road Lighting: Driving or spot

Bulb Type: LED

Size: 6 inches, round

Brightness: 8,600 lumens

Power: 72 watts

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


When you want to add a bit of pizzazz to the lighting of your Jeep, Rigid 360 Series 6” LED lights have your back with four lighting colors to suit your needs. Installation only takes about two hours, even for novice DIYers, giving you the ability to get these lights wired up before you head off your next excursion. Plus, the driving and spot combo makes these lights multi-purpose and versatile.

Bottom Line

With the ability to control the backlight from the cabin of your Jeep and multiple different color configurations, Rigid 360 Series 6” LED lights provide a one-two punch of form and function. Topped off with a whopping 8,600 lumens of brightness, these lights prove that you can go anywhere at any time with the flip of a switch.


Limited lifetime warranty

Highly durable polycarbonate lens

Available in red, white, blue, and amber

Can be used 10-degree spotlight or 45-degree driving light

Backlighting is independently controlled by the driver through a dedicated wire


Installation can be difficult for some buyers

Top Brands in the Lighting Space

Rigid and ZROADZ consistently rank at the top of the Jeep off road lighting space, but that doesn’t mean they’re your only options. With several other seasoned companies on the market, you have more choices than ever to find the perfect light for your needs and budget.

KC Hilites

Founded in Arizona in 1970, KC Hilites is one of the most trusted names in aftermarket lighting for Jeeps and other vehicles. Marketed as the original off-road lighting maker, the company offers off road lights in all types of variety, brightnesses, and colors. Due to its success with avid off roaders and even off-road racers, KC Hilites is now in its third generation of products, bringing more innovation to the table with every new product.

Baja Designs

Also referred to as the Scientists of Lighting, Baja Designs is a San Diego-based off-road lighting company that’s been illuminating on- and off-road terrain for over 25 years. Initially started as a lighting company for motorcycles, the company has expanded into off-road lighting for Jeeps, trucks, and ATVs. Baja Designs also has a strong dedication to research and development. As a result, it’s highly regarded for its high-intensity discharge lighting, as well as LED and halogen products.


If you’re tired of buying Chinese-made goods that crumble in a year or so, turn your attention to PIAA. Founded in Japan in 1963, PIAA has a track record of manufacturing some of the best off road lights in the business. With cube lights, LED lamps, and light bars in their catalog, the company has a light bar that’s sure to meet with your approval.

For Safety and Fun Nothing Beats Off Road Lights for Jeeps

Whether you want to illuminate your next camping trip party until the wee hours of the morning or you got a late start on your off-road excursion, off road lights for Jeeps make everything possible. So don’t rely on headlights or high beams that won’t do the job. Go big or go home with these amazing off road lights for Jeeps.

People Also Ask

Once you understand the types of bulbs, lighting patterns, and manufacturers of off road lights, choosing the right product should be a cinch. But if you still have an overarching concern, here are some questions that people also ask about off road lights for Jeeps.

Where Do I Mount Off Road Lights?

You have several options to mount off road lights on your Jeep, and it’s highly dependent on what type of light it is, whether you want to buy extra mounting gear, or how much of a hassle you want (or lack thereof).

Generally speaking, the bumper, lower windshield, grille, and the A-pillar just above the windshield (similar to roof mounting) are the most popular options.