Jeep Wrangler Noise Reduction [10 Easy Soundproofing Hacks]

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Jeep wranglers are fantastic beasts and being on the wheel is quite enjoyable. If you’re an avid road trip person, then jeep is the ideal mode of transport.

However, the noise from the engine and other parts of the beast tend to be too high, especially when heading for a long road trip.

Listening to music can be a nightmare, and the worst is that you’ll need to shout to talk to the colleagues in the cabin. But worry no more since there is a perfect solution and this is soundproofing.

You’ll be able to travel for a long distance without hearing any noise, whether from the road or car engine. I have compiled a step-by-step guide on how to sound deaden a noisy jeep wrangler.

Take your time to go through and enjoy a noise-free road trip. Let’s go through together.

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Are Jeep Wranglers Quiet?

The old model of jeep wranglers sound louder tend to be too noisy, and this is the most unpleasant thing among road avid. The screeching metal parts on the road and zooming noise from the engine tend to be too disgusting.

Going for a long road trip needs quiet surrounding and pleasant music to activate the mood for the road trip. And this is the reason why many people have resorted to soundproof their jeeps once they have bought them.

The good news is that the modern jeep wranglers quiet. Thanks to the new technology and these are some of the reasons why they are becoming quite popular.

The engine and other car parts have been upgraded to minimize noise production while hitting the road for a long distance.

If you’re an avid road trip, then it is high time to consider the modern jeep wrangler or soundproof the old model to enjoy your trip.

Is Jeep Hardtop Quieter Than Soft Top?

The most beautiful thing about jeep wranglers is the ability to wear different types of tops. Also, you can consider going topless, especially during the summer.

Both hardtops and soft tops are quite ideal for jeep wrangler owners, especially if they live in an area that experiences four seasons.

However, the two tops tend to be quite different when it comes to shielding noise while on a long road trip. Hardtop of a jeep wrangler is suitable for insulation for chilly winter, hot sun and road noise.

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This is the reason why they are known to be quieter than soft tops. Besides that, you can easily install a roof rack on the hardtop, and this is suitable for carrying outdoor gear for those heading for camping.

Lastly, the hardtops are quite challenging to remove hence suitable for offering maximum protection and security of personal belongings.

Why is Soundproofing a Jeep Wrangler Important?

According to research, a soundproofed car tend to be of higher value than an unsound proof car. Therefore, soundproofing the beast help to improve their value.

Besides that, soundproofing help to improve the user experience while hitting the road since they can listen to their favorite tunes and have a comfortable ride.

The main reason why jeep owners soundproof their beast is to say goodbye to the engine noise and road noises.

Riding a jeep wrangler that has been soundproof tends to be quite enjoyable and comfortable, especially when heading for a long road trip.

Also, chatting with people in the cabin will be much easier since soundproofing help to minimize the shouting thing. Lastly, soundproofing help to insulate the user from experiencing heat or cold when driving during the four seasons.

Guide on How to Quiet a Noisy Jeep Wrangler

The steps highlighted below will help you get rid of the annoying noise in a jeep wrangler while hitting the road for a long distance.

Follow the tips step-by-step and learn the best tricks on how to soundproof your car is a more affordable way. Let’s get started.

1. Soundproof the Cabin and Underneath the Carpet

Most of the road noise typically emanate from the area under the cabin’s floor. The best thing to think about is insulation.

Adding a dense and thick material around the cabin floor of your jeep will help to offer protection as well as prevent road noise from entering the car while riding.

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Besides that, the soundproofing material help to increase the durability of your beast even when hitting the road daily.

There are plenty of sound damping materials in the market, and it is advisable to choose the one with high quality. High-quality material will help to reduce sound distortion and enable you to listen to the favorite tunes while hitting the road.

The good news is that most of the soundproofing materials of the cabin’s floor are quite easy and straightforward to install hence no need to get worried about the installation.

2. Purchase Sound Deadening Headliner Kit

Hitting the road for a long-distance trip is generally associated with wind noise, and it is good to sound deaden the hardtop.

A lot of jeep owners have complained about the issue, and I recommend installing a custom made jeep headliner boom mats.

The mats can insulate the car from incoming wind noise, cold, and heat. The good thing is that most of these mats are quite affordable and readily available.

These custom made material typically comes with sticking kit and shape peel. Hence, the reason why installation tends to be quite straightforward.

Place the sound deadening material around the hardtops and along with the window for excellent noise reduction. A well sound deadened car will enable you to enjoy conversation in the cabin and also listen to your favorite tunes.

3. Install a Sailcloth Top Cover

Many people tend to concentrate more on soundproofing cabin floor rather than the top. An open jeep top can result in annoying noise from the wind and road.

Covering the top with a thick and dense material will help get rid of the outdoor noise while hitting the road. The most recommended covers for the top are thick sailcloth top.

Check the model of the jeep wrangler and fit the lid properly. There are many modes like jeep wrangler Eco mode, jeep wrangler auto mode, jeep wrangler sports mode, jeep wrangler rock mode, etc. Poor installation will leak noise into the car, and this can cause disturbance while hitting the road.

The best thing to consider is hiring an expert to perform the duty on your behalf. According to survey and research, Bestop Sailcloth tops are considered to be the best when it comes to sound deadening a jeep wrangler top.

These sailcloth tops occur in different designs, and this is the reason why you need to check the design of the jeep top before buying one for your beast.

4. Use Weather Strips

Hitting the road at relatively high speed tends to make the wind blow inside the wrangler. The wind noise makes the ride to be quite uncomfortable.

If you notice inside the jeep wrangler becoming cold when driving a bit faster, then it is good to check the weather strips around the door or windows.

The weather strips help to seal the doors and windows to prevent the entry of cold as well as soundproof the car from wind noise.

If you detect any of these issues, then it is worth to replace or check if the strips have been installed correctly. Worn out weather strips may need replacement to help curb the excessive wind noise experience while riding the jeep wrangler.

The good news is that weather strips are quite easy to install and it is something you can do on your own. This will save you some money, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

5. Consider Aerodynamic Mirrors

Most of the side mirrors of jeep wranglers do not encourage slipstream, and this is the reason behind the noise while driving.

Installing just add mud mirrors on the wrangler will help to get rid of noise since these mirrors have the reputation of having a great slipstream. T

he mirrors encourage the air to pass through with causing the vibration and certain sounds that can irritate the ears while hitting the road for a trip.

However, there are many offers in the market right now, and it is good to research so that you can pick the one that suits your beast.

6. Replace the Car Tires

Worn out car tires and poor tire choice can result in different noise levels produced by the jeep while riding. Worn out tires tend to have inferior traction force on the road, and this is usually the source of noise while driving.

Also, the materials behind the design of the tire will either cause noise or reduce irritating sound production. Therefore, I recommend you consider tires with high-quality materials, great patterns and the right size for your jeep.

Replacing worn-out tires or fitting the right size tires will help to prevent the annoying noise from entering the car while driving.

7. Use Earplugs When Riding the Jeep Wranglers

Hitting the road over a long distance with a noisy jeep wrangler can be annoying, and the use of the earplugs can be of great help. Earplugs are proven soundproofing gears that are efficient and effective.

The apparatus will help prevent noise from causing irritations. However, the earplugs can prevent you from listening to the favorite tunes and also having a conversation with colleagues in the cabin.

Besides that, research shows that earplugs can disengage the driver with the environment, and this increases the chance of an accident from occurring.

For road safety purposes, earplugs are not recommended at all. They are only short term solutions in case you have a low budget of soundproofing your beast.

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8. Soundproof the Jeep Wrangler Engine

Soundproofing a jeep wrangler engine can be quite a daunting experience. But insulating the engine help to curb the noise.

There are plenty of materials in the market that can help to insulate the jeep wrangler engine from producing a lot of sounds.

However, you need to check the ability to tolerate high temperatures and thickness of the material before buying any. Having used FatMat for a couple of years,

I would recommend it since it can withstand extreme temperatures of the jeep engine. Besides that, it can cover the hood adequately and insulate excessive noise from coming out of the engine when driving.

9. Check the Noisy Lifters

The jeep wrangler engine has a small cylindrical part attached to the rod or the rocker arm of the valve which is known as the lifter.

The car engine part usually produces some noise when the engine is turned on. The problem typically arises when the lifter has accumulated more dirt and grime.

The dirt and grime make the lifter to get worn out. Replacing the lifter will help curb some noise from emanating from the engine.

10. Fix the Steering Wheel

Jeep wrangler steering wheel frequently experiences knocking, creaking and popping noise. The noise can be so irritating and can make your ride quite uncomfortable.

worn-out tires, damaged suspension bushings, dry ball joints, worn-out shocks, dry jounce bushings, damaged tie rod ends and power steering pump are the leading cause of the steering noise.

Fixing the issue may require a car mechanic, although it tends to be quite expensive. Hiring an expert is usually the best option rather than doing it yourself.

In case if you don’t know, Your Jeep Guide also has an detailed article on ‘Air Conditioning in Jeep Wrangler‘.

Final Thoughts on Wrangler Sound Deadening

Jeep wranglers are the best cars and very reliable for an avid road trip, and the above soundproof guide will help prevent noise either from the road or the vehicle itself. The tips are simple to implement and quite affordable.

However, some may be a bit expensive, but worth the investment. If you have been struggling with noise when driving your beast, then you can consider the above guidelines and enjoy a comfortable ride.

Besides that, the tips can help to improve the durability of your jeep wrangler and maintenance cost. All in all, I hope the guide will be useful when it comes to sound deadening your jeep wrangler and enjoy a quiet ride.

Feel free to share your experience of soundproofing a jeep wrangler in the comment section below, and I will highly appreciate it. Good Luck.

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