Jeep Wrangler Snow Plowing: Can It Really Do It?

| Last Updated: September 2, 2021

The versatility of a Jeep Wrangler means there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to the customization and accessories that can be added to these vehicles.

Given that we’re already heading into winter, I know you would be interested to know whether a Jeep Wrangler can plow snow.

To really bring your Wrangler to the next level, you need to make adjustments, and one of the popular customizations is installing the snowplows for Jeeps.

Snowplows for Jeeps will let you use your Jeeps capabilities differently and uniquely. But first things first, can a Jeep Wrangler plow?

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Can a Wrangler Snow Plow

The shorts answer is Yes. A Jeep Wrangler is a rugged vehicle that is more than capable of carrying a plow, as well as handling the tough task of removing snow.

However, numerous factors come into play when plowing using a Jeep. Sure, a Jeep will do the task, but this vehicle isn’t primarily built for plowing, so there are a few exceptions as well as requirements.

For starters, you will want the weight of the Jeep to be substantial enough traction to provide added traction to the tires.

Furthermore, you need to ensure the pushing power, also known as the torque, is capable of pushing the snow. For instance, a Wrangler 3.6L Pentastar on a Wrangler JK is powerful enough, but it cannot compare to the massive power of the Rubicon Wrangler.

The 4.10 gearing on the Rubicon will let you navigate the snowy terrain with less stress and strain.

You also need to consider the type of weight that can be sprung from the front end of a Wrangler. You need to check the weight of the plowing blade and ensure that it works with your vehicle.

Often, plows start at widths of 6 1/2 feet for Jeeps. Overloading the front of your Jeep with a plow can stress the front axle and the suspension, and diminish the braking effectiveness.

Often, a Jeep that is overloaded with weight at the front has its front end sagging. If the weight of the blade alone affects the Jeep, now you can imagine the amplification of the sag once you start adding the weight of the snow.

Looking to get started? Check out our guide of the Best Snow Plows for Wranglers!

Considering Cost-To-Use Ratios For Jeep Snowplows

For residential uses on a driveway, a Jeep Wrangler will work great and is reliable. However, just don’t get into plow businesses and expect your Wrangler to hold up.

While your Jeep might do it, it won’t likely hold for long. That is unless you’re plowing using the fully boxed frame, and that would still redirect a lot of shock at the frame.

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In particular, if you’re using an automatic Jeep, you need to extra cautious to protect your transmission. I recommend that you get an external transmission cooler and a good electric fan, alongside with a switch in the cab.

While the Jeep grill is raised pretty high up, you might still have issues with cooling, and this is why you might even consider oil cooler.

Also, take carefully examine the frame as well as the body mounts. Any sign of corrosion or a weakened section might cause further damage. So, take your time and strengthen these parts before you start plowing.

Commercial Use For Jeep Plowing

While some additional parts and accessories may need to be fitted into your Jeep, I wouldn’t recommend commercial plowing.

The probability of overstressing your engine during commercial plowing is too high, and in the end, you are more than likely to have the transmission and the axle giving you problems down the line.

While a Jeep Wrangler makes an inspired choice for residential plowing, I don’t recommend using it for commercial purposes.

Final Thoughts

I am not saying that it cannot, the decision will ultimately depend on weighing the effort you need to outfit your Jeep with the potential of stressing the engine, against how much you’ll get out of the plow.

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