Best Jeep XJ Upgrades – 2024 Round-up

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Searching for the best Jeep XJ upgrades can eat up a lot of your time. Many links you’ll find can’t be trusted to deliver unbiased, up-to-date information, and you’ll often find sponsored sites where a mod “expert” which ones are the best. Many reviews and top 10 lists can’t be trusted to provide legitimate information.

Fortunately, this article will provide you, our fellow Jeep mod hobbyists, accurate and honest information.

We’ll give you the truth about which Jeep XJ mods are the best.

Comparison of the Best Jeep XJ Upgrades

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What to Look For When Buying Jeep XJ Upgrades

Knowing what features to keep in mind when shopping for XJ mods will make the process much easier. Here are a few critical tidbits about what to look for.


Jeep XJ mods can provide a substantial amount of value and performance benefits to your vehicle. However, some mods offer next to nothing.

You’ll likely want to find mods that improve a few different aspects of your vehicle in one fell swoop. Tire, engine, and exhaust mods provide versatility. Tinted windows and flames painted on the sides don’t.

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Look for whether the mods you’re thinking about purchasing have undergone safety and quality control testing to ensure you’re installing safe products to use on and off the road. Information regarding specific safety measures can typically be found in the online product descriptions or on the packaging.


Numerous mods straddle the line between legal and illegal. Knowing which mods are legal or not will help keep you out of jail and free of fines.

Look for Department of Transportation approval information in product descriptions or ask an expert if you’re unsure about a particular mod’s legal status. Certain types of light bars, undercarriage lights, various light colors, doors, and mirrors may be pushing the boundary.

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Review of the Best Jeep XJ Mods

It’s first essential to state that the manufacturers of the products listed here are not paying us to review them. These are the mods we found to be the best from our personal experience, plus hours of research and product comparisons. We also considered expert and customer reviews. So, without further delay, here are the best Jeep XJ mods currently available.

Best Overall

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Car Tire for Light Trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers, LT215/75R15/C 100/97S


Installation Difficulty: Easy

Cost: $$$

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

The BFGoodrich Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tires have amazed customers with their performance. Many buyers said the tires allow for a smooth ride even amid rain, ice, or snow.

However, some customers experienced issues with increased tire wear and vibrations.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These tires made an unforgettable impression on us. We were astounded by the overall visual appearance. They’re a work of art in their design and will make your Jeep XJ’s overall appearance something people stop to admire.

Besides the attractive look of these tires, they handle very well in all types of weather and show excellent traction both on- and off-road.

This product is also quiet. All-terrain tires can be noisy, especially on the highway. But these were no louder than factory-installed tires. They were even pleasant to listen to as they sped along.

We experienced no issues with these tires. Though customers have reported some quick-wear down and vibration problems, we didn’t.

Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong with the BFGoodrich Terrain T/A KO2 Radials if you’re going to mod your Jeep XJ’s tires. They encompass all that’s good about all-terrain tires, and they were a no-brainer choice for our best overall mod.


Very sleek and attractive design

Long tread life both on- and off-road

Excellent traction in both snow and ice

Affordable price and name brand quality

Interlocking tread design delivers amplified tread block strength


Reported vibration issues

Quickly worn down by heavier vehicles

Best for the Money

Rough Country Front Sway Bar 1128

Rough Country Front Sway Bar Disconnects for 84-01 Jeep XJ/ZJ/MJ | 3.5-6' - 1128


Installation Difficulty: Moderate

Cost: $$

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

The Rough Country Front Sway Bar 1128 received praise for its easy installation process and affordable price tag. The overall performance was also complimented, as well as how easy the install and disconnects were.

This product received more criticism than others on this list. Poor customer service, missing hardware, and cracked brushings were all common complaints.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The price tag, compared to similar products, is significantly less. Although the Rough Country Front Sway Bar is cheaper than others on the market, it performs just as well, if not better, than most of its competitors.

This quick disconnect kit is one of the best configurations around. It takes just a few minutes to disconnect the front sway bar, making it a convenient option when off-roading.

Quality craftsmanship makes the durability of the Rough Country Front Sway Bar 1128 disconnects outstanding, and it’ll also help limit the wear and tear of the sway bar. The lifetime warranty is a great bonus as well.

There were a few parts that we thought overcomplicated the product. Additionally, some sections of the installation instructions were hard to follow. A poorly welded piece also presented a minor issue, though it was more cosmetic.

Bottom Line

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal. You won’t find this product’s lifetime warranty, solid construction, and ease of use with other brands.


Easy installation

Fast and stress-free disconnects

Links fold up and secure out of the way

Quality construction and impressive durability

Affordable and backed by Rough Country’s lifetime warranty


Poor customer service

Rubber bushings can crack over time

Best Shocks For Jeep XJ

Monroe 58594

Monroe Shocks & Struts 58594 Shock Absorber and Coil Spring Assembly, Pack of 2


Installation Difficulty: Moderate

Cost: $$

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

The Monroe 58594 shocks received a lot of compliments regarding their impressive look, feel performance, and easy installation.

However, some customers were upset about an occasional loud creaking, but that’s likely a one-off issue related to improper installation or another component.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These Monroe shocks can improve your Jeep XJ’s towing power while giving it a higher lift, smoother ride, and better handling.

They were also easy to install and have a bunch of features that other brands don’t. These include valving that automatically adjusts, weather fluid that contains a unique blend of modifiers that reduce friction, and a fluon-banded piston that improves the function of the pistons and pressure tube. These shocks also include a heavy gauge calibrated spring that improves vehicle control.

This product is geared toward vehicles that tend to tow trailers or carry heavy cargo, so they may not be right for you if that’s not how you use your Jeep XJ. They still operate well, but they’re very firm, which may or may not be ideal for your particular situation.

We had no problems with either creaking or leaking, but we wouldn’t recommend much off-roading with these shocks due to their firmness.

Bottom Line

Monroe shocks are among the more well-known brands out there, and they have a good track record of producing quality parts. The Monroe 58594 is no exception, continuing Monroe’s streak of making some of the best shocks around.


Can handle heavy loads

Distinct modifiers decrease friction

Outstanding control and ride comfort

Valving adjusts to changing road conditions

Includes a hefty gauge-calibrated spring for extra control


Could have creaking issues if not professionally installed

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Best Radiator for Jeep XJ

Spectra Premium CU1193

Spectra Premium CU1193 Radiator With TOC Compatible With Jeep Cherokee and Comanche


Installation Difficulty: Hard

Cost: $$

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

About 90% of recent buyers loved the Spectra Premium CU1193 radiator. They usually mentioned how this radiator fit into place just as good as the factory version. It’s important to note that these customers each had a Jeep XJ from a different year.

Most, if not all, of the negative reviews, were from upset buyers who dealt with leaks.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Similar to recent buyers of the Spectra CU1193 radiator, we were surprised at how well this radiator fit into place no matter the Jeep XJ. This is impressive because radiators have a few more parts that must line up perfectly for them to function. All of the hoses and line fittings were exact, while every screw hole was also precise.

A perfect fit makes installing this radiator quick and easy. Spectra also impressed us with its shipping packaging and affordable price tag.

Additionally, this radiator’s performance is fabulous.  It’s consistent, durable, and it typically lowers your Jeep XJ’s running temperature by about 10 degrees.

Though quite a few customers expressed their displeasure with this product because of leaks, you should be able to get a replacement under warranty.

Bottom Line

Spectra is one of the more trustworthy parts manufacturers, so it’s no wonder people keep coming back for their Jeep XJ mods. Not many other radiators could even come close to Spectra CU1193’s price, ease of installation, and overall performance value.


Lessens strain on headers

Offers a perfect-fit guarantee

Manufactured with high-quality materials

Good performance in extreme weather conditions

Thick tube wall for increased durability and longevity


Lower trans line leaks

Reports of damage during shipping

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep XJ

Spectre Performance 9051

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit: High Performance, Desgined to Increase Horsepower and Torque: Fits 1991-2001 JEEP (Cherokee) SPE-9051


Installation Difficulty: Moderate

Cost: $$

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Of all the products on this list, the Spectre Performance 9051 cold air intake had the fewest negative reviews. The two we found still gave this mod an above-average score.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Everything about the Spectre Performance 9051 cold air intake was impressive. It’s a high-quality product that was super easy to install, and the improvements are immediately noticeable.

The engine sounded much healthier due to the increased airflow. We also noticed an increase in throttle performance, better acceleration, and improved gas mileage.

Bottom Line

As far as cold air intakes go, the Spectre performance 9051 is the best around. It provides what you’d expect from a high-quality mod. You’ll be impressed with this product’s performance.


Long-lasting filter

Makes the engine sound better

50% more airflow than a factory air filter and intake tube

Defends your engine from damaging impurities and other debris

Improves acceleration and uphill driving performance when towing


Clamps can be loose

Difficulties lining up bolt-on holes

Best Steering Stabilizer for Jeep XJ

TeraFlex 1513001

TeraFlex 1513001 Steering Stabilizer, Black


Installation Difficulty: Hard

Cost: $$

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers found that the TeraFlex1513001 steering stabilizer gave their Jeep XJ a better performance. The product also received praise for making the steering wheel easier to operate and driving smoother on both highways and dirt roads.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The TeraFlex1513001 steering stabilizer provides vast improvements compared to the Jeep XJ factory stabilizer. The installation was straightforward, and we noticed a boost in the steering wheel’s responsiveness when we took the mod for a test drive.

Though the handling was a little too tight at first, it quickly loosened up. This steering stabilizer can fix all sorts of problems and is a must-have mod for any Jeep XJ owner.

Bottom Line

The final verdict on the TeraFlex1513001 steering stabilizer is that it doesn’t disappoint and should be on any Jeep XJ owners list of must-have mods.


Larger diameter size than most

Protective integrated dust shield

Designed for modified off-road Jeeps

Features a 5/8″ hardened chrome rod

Quick install time of 30 minutes to 1 hour


Leaks may develop

Poorly written installation instructions

Best Lift Kit for Jeep XJ

Rough Country 3″ Lift Kit 670N2

Rough Country 3' Lift Kit for 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ 2WD/4WD - 670N2


Installation Difficulty: Hard

Cost: $$$

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers were satisfied with this product’s functionality and the fact that everything comes shipped as described. The Rough Country 3” lift kit also impressed buyers with its large and sleek metallic paint job.

Reviewers weren’t happy having to purchase additional parts to install the lift kit correctly, while a couple of customers complained about excessive vibrations.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our time spent with the Rough Country 3’ Lift Kit was nothing short of fantastic. The product is excellent regarding quality construction materials, and everything fit perfectly.

The instructions were also easy to follow, and we received the 3″ lift as advertised.

Though we didn’t experience any problems with the Rough Country 3″ lift kit, we can see how some could arise. A traction bar relocation bracket, for example, might be needed to straighten out your alignment after installing this lift kit.

However, there’s a chance a mod will throw off other parts anytime you install one.

Bottom Line

The Rough Country 3″ lift kit is a fabulous product with many great features and very few problems. It comes with a solid warranty, affordable price, and works as advertised.


Maintains a smooth ride

Attractive metallic paint job

Impressive vibration dampening

Includes a set of Front Lifted Coil Springs

Rough Country’s lifetime replacement warranty


Additional parts may be necessary

Excessive vibrations occasionally occur

Rock Hard 4×4 Bolt-ON Skid Plates

Rock Hard 4x4 Bolt-ON Front Lower Control ARM Skid Plates for JEEP WRANGLER JK 2007 - 2018 D30/D44


Installation Difficulty: Easy

Cost: $

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

The consensus on the Rock Hard 4×4 Bolt-ON Skid Plates is overwhelmingly positive. Customers are quick to point out the quality, durable construction.

Reviewers had some minor issues, criticizing the plates’ poor fit on a particular brand of the skid and the fact that they experienced minor creaking when they first installed them.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These plates’ overall quality is significantly better than their competitors’. It’s impressive that this skid plate bolts on for a strong, almost immovable fit to provide superior protection to the lower control arm mounts.

We did run into a couple of fitting issues, as both bolt holes were slightly off. Misalignment is commonplace with this type of mod, though, and it only took a bit of maneuvering to resolve the issue.

Rock Hard 4×4 Bolt-ON Skid Plates also displayed impressive durability. We put these skid plates through the wringer, and they handled it with ease. They had little visible damage when we tested their durability while driving through rocky terrain.

Bottom Line

This product gives credence to why the Rock Hard brand of skid plates has been the industry leader for over a decade. Superior craftsmanship, an easy installation, and incredible durability are all tied into one fantastic product.


Made in the U.S.

Attractive powder coat finish

Weather- and debris-resistant

Easy bolt-on install that fits great

Heavy-duty 1/4″ thick and constructed from a solid sheet of steel


Creaking mentioned by some users

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Great Jeep XJ Mods

In addition to our list, we’ve included and categorized some other great Jeep XJ mods below.

Jeep XJ Interior Mods

Though the factory-standard Jeep XJ interior is well above average, there’s still room for improvement. People often choose to upgrade the floor mats to make cleaning a bit easier and allow for broader protection from water, dirt, and sand.

The same applies to seat rather sophisticated cover mods. They’re constructed from waterproof, spill-resistant material that can minimize nearly any accidental mess.

They’re also easy to take off and on, which makes cleaning a breeze.

Other interior mods include lockboxes, dash cameras, entry guards, cargo racks, and phone mounts.

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Cheap XJ Mods

For those of us on a budget, the Jeep XJ offers a wide variety of inexpensive mods that perform well and look great, including headlights and light bars. Many of these provide a massive upgrade from the factory-standard lights and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Grill inserts, seat covers, hood latches, decals, and coil springs also offer excellent quality for a low price.

Jeep XJ Performance Mods

Jeep XJ performance mods are some of the more costly upgrades available, but they’ll give you a lot in return. Fuel injector upgrades, for example, can improve fuel economy and overall horsepower.

These return investments can also be acquired through exhaust mods, which are more effective at improving horsepower than fuel injectors because they eliminate restrictions on the outflow of gas.

A few other performance boosters include throttle body spacers, superchargers, and cold air intakes.

Jeep XJ Camping Mods

Camping is one of the best ways to get some quality use out of your Jeep XJ. Mods like tailgate tables will provide you with the convenience of an outdoor tabletop for food prep.

There are also plenty of roof rack mods and cargo carriers that allow you to safely haul your gear. Roof rack mods can also be used for setting up a rooftop tent.

You may want to think about other camping mods such as rooftop hammocks and tent awnings. Plus, if you fancy yourself a hardcore camper, you can even remove the rear seat for extra space.

DIY Jeep XJ Mods

DIY mods can run the gambit of pretty much anything you can think of. Some of the more popular and less complicated DIY mods include homemade light bars, roof racks, storage racks, and cup holders.

Sound systems and custom paint jobs are also popular, though they can be a bit more complicated and costly. Any DIY mod is an enjoyable yet inexpensive way to personalize and improve your Jeep XJ. You’ll also learn a lot about your Jeep in the process.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

There are a few important considerations to make before buying and installing mods on your Jeep XJ.

Plan Ahead

Modding your Jeep XJ will be a much more productive journey with the help of some thoughtful planning. Decide on the specific goals you want to accomplish. Improvising on the spot could lead to unbalanced or incompatible mods that could damage your Jeep.

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Take into consideration the legal status of every mod you install on your Jeep. While most penalties are nothing more than a fine, you could face jail time if any injuries or damages occur while you’re driving with illegal mods.


Modding your Jeep can affect how much you pay for car insurance. It can also prevent you from getting standard insurance from certain companies. Also, any changes to your vehicle usually need to be reported to your insurance company so they can tabulate your premium costs.


Modding a Jeep XJ is no walk in the park. It’s essential to understand the road may get bumpy, but these products are the real deal if you decide you want to go down this path.

Quick Summary – Best Jeep XJ Upgrades

Before you head out, here’s a quick summary of the best upgrades for Jeep XJ:

  1.  BFGoodrich Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tire
  2.  Rock Hard 4×4 Bolt-ON Skid Plates
  3.  Rough Country Front Sway Bar 1128

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People Also Ask

Lastly, here are a few of the more frequently asked questions regarding Jeep XJ modding.

Is Modding a Jeep XJ Difficult?

It can be either difficult or easy depending on what part you’re modding. However, don’t expect an easy road, as many things can go wrong.

Should I Pay Someone to Mod My XJ?

It’s nice to have the choice. Doing your own mods is part of the experience, but sometimes the advanced knowledge and proper tools of paid help are needed.

What are Some Easy and Cheap Mods for Jeep XJ?

Seat covers, lockboxes, cup holders, entry guards, and decals are all cheap and easy mods for the Jeep XJ.

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