How Many Gallons Does a Jeep Wrangler Hold – [Answered]

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How to Take off a Jeep Soft Top [Step By Step Guide]

Jeep owners know that the versatility of their vehicles is one of their greatest assets. The ability to easily remove the soft top allows for open-air driving during the warm summer months and the option to put it back on when the weather turns colder.  Those who have never taken a Jeep soft top off … Read more

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Jeep Liberty Years to Avoid (DO NOT BUY THESE)

In 2002, Jeep introduced the Liberty, which was essentially a redesigned version of the Cherokee. Regulars of the brand were not thrilled with the company’s new direction, especially after the Cherokee was forced out at the start of commercialization. The Jeep Liberty gradually overtook it and saw an uptick in sales.   I have an extensive … Read more

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How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (VIN Lookup)

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What Is the Jeep Wave [Rules Explained]

The Jeep Wave is a tradition that is old as the legendary vehicle itself and traces its origins back to WWII. In fact, it was nothing more than soldiers driving Jeeps and waving a few fingers as they passed by as a way of saying hello. After the war, as the Civilian Jeep or CJ … Read more

Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity By Trim Level

Jeep Grand Cherokee remains a prominent name in the class of SUVs around the world. The SUV comes in six models: the Trackhawk, Trailhawk, Laredo, Overland, SRT, and Summit. Most of the models of Grand Cherokee come in rear-wheel drive as well as four-wheel drive. So you can simply turn on 4wd jeep grand cherokee. … Read more