How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (VIN Lookup)

| Last Updated: September 8, 2021

Are you thinking of buying a jeep? Well, this can be a daunting experience especially if you are a first-time shopper.

A lot of jeep enthusiastic know what to look for before buying any model of the jeep. All road worth vehicles tend to have Vehicle Identification Number.

This is the key factor to consider before making any purchase. The unique identifier code provides essential information about the car into consideration.

However, some jeep models tend to be quite difficult to locate the VIN. So, getting to know the vital information of the vehicle can be quite tough.

Well, is there a way on how to get a factory jeep build sheet? Absolutely. Our experts have conducted detailed research on various ways of getting a factory build sheet for your jeep. Take the time to read through the guide and learn more.

Is Getting Your Factory Jeep Build Sheet Possible?

Definitely. But this depends on the year of production. According to research, jeeps which were built on or after 1998 is quite easy to get factory jeep build sheet.

If you own a jeep that was built before 1998 then things are going to be a little bit tougher to acquire the factory jeep build sheet.

This is due to a lot of modifications done by many jeep owners. The good news is that you can get hold of it regardless of the year of production.

There are a lot of companies out there that offer VIN check reports but you will be required to pay some fees. Free VIN checks are available though they provide little information.

The first thing to consider is having the 17 jeep character (VIN) on hand before reaching out to one of these companies offering the lookup services.

Submitting the VIN will help you get a factory jeep build sheet for your specific Jeep. If you own a vintage jeep then the best method is driving into the garage of these companies offering VIN check reports for assistance. The experts will help you get the factory jeep build sheet for your vintage jeep.

Why Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet?

I know the phrase jeep build sheet might be tossing your mind. Well, it means the original specifications that your jeep initially rolled off the factory floor after manufacture. A lot of jeep enthusiastic normally modify their jeeps after buying. This is common among those who own vintage jeep.

The modification tends to change the initial appearance and performance. Identification of a modified jeep model can be tricky especially if you are planning to buy one.

It is advisable to keep the initial jeep record information so that it can be easier to get a factory jeep build sheet. The original jeep build sheet will help you to know the year of production, model, type of engine and manufacturer among many others. This is quite important if you are looking to build a sheet for your jeep.

How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (Step by Step Guide)

If you are looking to know more information about your jeep then you need to have Vehicle Identification Number. The unique identifier code can be lookup in a VIN decoder and highlight all the information about your jeep.

Many jeep VIN is located around the driver’s side door jam, side dash and under the radiator. However, the position tends to vary depending on the model of the jeep.

The check digit will help you know if the VIN provided for your jeep is legitimate. Therefore, the VIN will help you get a factory jeep build sheet for your specific Jeep.

Sometimes locating the VIN from your vehicle can be difficult. You can seek assistance from a professional mechanic with jeep experience. You will be lucky to get mechanic services for free.

Final Thoughts on Jeep Vin Build Sheet

No doubt that the factory jeep build sheet information is quite important. Keeping record information plays a significant role when it comes to selling the vehicle in the future.

A lot of avid jeeps love doing modifications to their car. It becomes quite difficult to know the original jeep build sheet.

If you know the VIN of the vehicle then it getting the factory jeep build sheet is easier. There are a lot of companies offering VIN check report services but you will part with some money to get a comprehensive report. The free VIN checkers provide little information and this can be difficult to get a factory jeep build sheet.

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