Best Jeep Lift Kit for Highway Driving

Looking for the best jeep lift kit for highway driving? well, you are in the right place! Finding a good lift kit can be tedious and daunting as more and more products are being introduced.

Some lift kits are fairly good but most are not worth a penny, fortunately! you don’t have to worry because I got you covered in this article.

After hours of research I have narrowed down the list to Top 5 lift kits for highway driving and included a buying guide to help you learn more on what to look for when purchasing a lift kit for your jeep.

So sit back and relax while we go through the best quality jeep lift kit for high driving.

Quick Take - Best Jeep Lift Kit for Highway Driving

Before you get too far, here's a quick take of the best jeep lift kit for highway driving:

  1. Teraflex 1155200 Leveling Kit
  2. True Two 2.5’’ Lift Kit
  3. Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Lift Kit

5 Best Jeep Lift Kits for Highway Driving

Please note these highway driving lift kits are not in a particular order so it will go down to personal preference, however, any of these you can purchase with confidence.

TeraFlex 1155200 JK Leveling Kit

Are you looking for a suspension kit to give your jeep an aggressive stance? Well, the Teraflex leveling kit is a great bet. The most beautiful thing is that the lift kit comes with every vital component.

These components will help lift the front end with two inches and rear end with one inch. That’s not all. These suspension kits boost off-road performance by promoting better handling and balance.

Besides that, the kits utilize 33-inch tires to improve jeep performance on paved surfaces and rough road conditions. One of the most crucial features is that the lift kit is compatible with 2007-2018 wrangle JK models.

Therefore, the equipment can level up modern jeeps without any problem. Another advantage is the degree of stability.

The suspension kit utilizes zerk fittings on the helm joints, which not only add durability but also boost resilience. It also comes with a steering stabilizer to give you maximum control of your jeep at an extra height.

Hence, helps prevent the risk of rolling over your favorite ride. However, the lift kit tends to be a bit pricey. But this is worth the value of your money since it has an excellent performance when compared to others.

TrueTwo 2.5 Inch Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit Compatible with Wrangler JK Jeep

One of the key selling points of this lift kit is how easy it is to install. True Two suspension lift kit is a good bet to consider.

The lift kit comes with a step-by-step video for offering guidance for installation. Hence, no need to hire a professional mechanic for assistance.

Another exciting thing is that spacers are strong and durable. It helps guarantee reliable and long-lasting performance. That’s not all.

The spacers come with two front and two rear selection. These components offer excellent lifting without messing up with the OEM suspension. Another advantage is that it helps maintain proper handling and balance. Therefore, you can lift your jeep confidently without getting worried about handling and balancing.

The most exciting thing is that the kit’s construction has a lifetime grade polyurethane, which guarantees durability. Besides that, it is an inexpensive way to give your favorite ride an aggressive look.

Hence, making the jeep have more excellent performance on the highway and other rough roads. The lifting kits biggest downfall is that it does not come with a manual instruction for installation.

Thus, it takes a long to complete the installation process. Also, the shock absorbers are not suitable for off-roading activities but ideal for smooth urban roads. It is the reason behind the popularity of the lift kit when it comes to highway performance.

Rough Country 2.5' Lift Kit (fits) 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK | Series II | Suspension System | 635

An excellent lift kit for upgrading the tires for few inches. The suspension lift kit provides 2.5 inches for unbeatable freeway driving experience. Also, it increases the ground clearance level for the jeep from the front to the back.

Besides that, it gives your favorite ride a sleek appearance and smooth operation. The good news is that the installation process tends to be relatively faster, but this depends on personal experience.

The manual instructions are simple and clear to understand. Another essential feature is the spring retention design, which keeps the coil spring in position during extreme articulation.

That’s not all. The suspension lift kit is compatible with 2007-2018 jeep models. Hence, you can have the confidence to install the lift kit to your modern jeep.

Again, the front strut and rear coil spring spacers are reliable and durable—this helps to guarantee excellent performance when riding your jeep.

However, the lift kit tends to experience some rubbing at extreme articulation. Thus, it will interfere with the durability and performance during the off-road driving experience.

MotoFab Lifts 3 inch Front 3 inch Rear Full Lift Kit with Shock Extenders compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK

An excellent suspension lift kit that is compatible with 2007-2018 jeep models. It provides the ultimate level even for modern jeeps for highway driving.

The most beautiful thing is that the lift kit guarantees a 3-inch front and rear-end lift. This enhances an excellent on-road experience.

Besides that, the front and rear shock extenders help boost the suspension systems current performance. Also, these shock extenders provide an adequate room of about 35 inches for fitting larger tires. This creates a better ground clearance during off-roading activities.

That’s not all. The lift kits are made in the United States of America. Hence, the reliability and durability is a guarantee. One of the most admirable features is that the suspension kit comes with a lifetime warranty.

The aim is to guarantee maximum satisfaction after jeep modification. Another advantage is that the lift kit is free from corrosion.

They are made from high- grade steel with a black powder coat finish. However, the manual instructions are not clear. Hence, making it hard to install unless you hire a professional mechanic. Also, the lift kit tends to come with incomplete components.

Rubicon Express Re1325 1.75' Front Coil Spacer For Jeep Jk

This is one of the most popular lift kits for resolving uneven jeep wrangler JK suspension. It is relatively easy to fix so long as you have the right tools and experience.

The most beautiful thing is that it brings 3.5 inches for ground clearance. This means that you can even fix larger tires to the jeep after installation of the lift kit.

Besides that, the suspension kit gives your ride an aggressive appearance. Hence, boosting the performance on both highway and rough terrains.

The kit has also received lots of praise from many automotive forums and groups due to the ease of installation. It comes with fewer components to make the installation process faster.

Another advantage is the affordability. It is one of the most significant ways to give your favorite ride an aggressive look without draining the wallet.

One of the most superior features is that it comes with adjustable upper control arms and fixed lower arms. The aim is to provide excellent handling and exceptional on-road experience.

How to choose the right Jeep Lift kit for Driving on a Highway

Choosing a quality jeep lift kit for highway driving can be a challenging task. There are plenty of brands in the market, claiming to be the best. Here are some factors to consider before investing your money in jeep lift kits. These factors will help you choose the best option.

Ease of Installation

Installing a lift kit tend to be challenging. Getting a brand that is easier and quicker to install is a better option. It will save you from the cost of hiring a professional mechanic.

I recommend buying lift kits that come with clear and straightforward installation guidelines. These types of lift kits tend to save on time taken for the installation process.

Quality of the Ride

The type of lift kit is installed to determine the quality of the ride. Going for larger kits will help you navigate through rough terrains and highway easily.

Teraflex 1155200 Leveling Kit

Besides that, larger kits give your SUV an aggressive and aesthetic appeal. Hence, it helps improve the quality of the ride on both tarmac and rough roads.

Height of the Lift

You need to know the amount of lift before purchasing the lift kit for your Jeep. Keep in mind that different kits have different lift heights. These lift kits tend to be small, medium, and large. Both these kits offer a fantastic performance on the highway. The purpose of each kit is what set them apart.

Model of the Jeep

Not every lift kit works for every jeep. Most kits in the market have been designed to suit specific jeep models based on their production year.

I recommend paying a lot of attention to the compatibility of the lift kit with your vehicle. The information will help you choose equipment that safe for you and your beast.

Component of the Kit

The main parts of a lift kit are bolt, spacers, shaft, and springs. You need to confirm if the equipment being chosen has these vital components.

However, the kit composition tends to vary depending on the brand. If the precise kit lacks these components, you have no option than visiting an auto store nearby.

Size of the Tires

Different jeep models tend to have different tire sizes. You will be required to know the dimensions of your jeep tires before making any purchase. Inspect the compatibility of your tires with lift kits after installation. It will help to ensure your safety and that of the jeep.


This factor made it at the end of the list since it is not vital when shopping for the best lift kit. But it is an ideal tool for budgeting. Lift kits can either be expensive or affordable.

I recommend accessing your budget before making any purchase. Buy an accessory that is worth the value of your money.

Benefits of the Jeep Lift Kits for Highway Driving

Jeeps are legendary SUVs for their powerful performance under the pedal and durability. Any suspension improvement comes with a ton of benefits for both the owner and the vehicle. Some of the benefits of lifting your jeep for highway driving include:

Improve the Aesthetic

Appeal Lifting a jeep tend to bring out a unique, stylish bumper. The aesthetic appearance tends to make the vehicle and the owner to stand out from the street.

Ease Off-Roading

Lifting the jeep automatically makes off-roading activities easier. The SUV will be more capable, comfortable, and unstoppable on the road. Besides that, it can transverse a rugged terrain.

Improve Drive Quality

Some highways tend to be quite bumpy. But the installation of the lift kits will help to improve the balancing and handling of your vehicle in such conditions. The suspension kits tend to absorb shock from potholes.

Give the Owner the Pride of Jeep Built

The iconic vehicle is typically meant for on-road and off-road activities. Getting these suspension kits installed on your car tend to boost the performance.

It also lets the owner acknowledge the ride pride and ability to different transverse terrains regardless of the road conditions.


Choosing the best jeep left kit for highway driving can be both interesting and challenging. It will help if you put a lot of things into consideration before making any purchase.

The good news is that these suspension kits have many benefits, and they are relatively simple to install without the need of a professional mechanic.

Most of the lift kits discussed in our guide have been tested and proven to be the best option. Take the time to read through and pick an option that is worth the value of your money and if you are looking to learn more about the cost of lifting a jeep wrangler click here.

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