Best Lift kit for Jeep Gladiator

Are you looking for the best jeep gladiator lift kit? Lift kits are essential components that enhance off-road activities. A jeep gladiator equipped with more lift is capable of traversing extreme terrain with ease.

However, shopping for a jeep gladiator lift kit is both exciting and intimidating. There are thousands of brands in the market—each brand claim to offer the best quality.

Hence, you need to be mindful of a lot of things. Some of the critical factors to consider are durability, quality, smooth ride, and height, among many others.

That sounds like a lot of consideration, right? Well, there is no need to get worried. We’ve done thorough research to come up with our top favorite jeep gladiator lift kit options. Let’s find out:

Quick Take - Best Lift Kit for Jeep Gladiator

Before you get too far, here's a quick take of the best lift kit for Jeep Gladiator:

  1. TeraFlex JT Performance Spacer Leveling Kit
  2. Daystar Lift Kit for Jeep Gladiator
  3. Mopar Lift Kit Jeep Gladiator

6 Best Jeep Gladiator Lift Kits

So apparently, different lift kits are perfect for improving tire contact with ground, correct alignment, and enhance the smooth ride. Therefore, choosing the best lift kit, especially for a jeep gladiator, is critical to traversing extreme terrains overall success. Here is the deal:

TeraFlex 1155300 JT: 1.5” Performance Spacer Leveling Kit – No Shock Absorbers

Are you looking for an affordable gladiator lift kit? Teraflex JT performance spacer leveling kit is a good bet. The components are made of high-quality materials to foster durability.

The most exciting thing is that the lift kit tends to level out your suspension with a 1.5- inch front lift. Hence, provide adequate space to fit tires of about 33 inches to 35 inches diameter.

Besides that, it comes with a wheel backspacing which help to prevent friction on the inner fender liner at full compression when articulated.

Also, the kit comes with instructional guidelines that make the installation process quite simple and easy. Lastly, it comes with all the required accessories, such as bump stops, hardware, and four spring spacers. These components are vital to unlocking the off-roading capability of your jeep gladiator.

Daystar KJ09188KV 2' Lift Kit for the 2020 Jeep Gladiator

Are you looking to level the suspension of your gladiator? Well, the Daystar lift kit is a great deal to consider. The leveling kit has the power to fix the uneven suspension of your off-road beast.

The most exciting thing is that they can be found in both front and rear suspension. Hence, you can quickly fix any suspension problem, depending on the current needs.

The leveling suspension kit tends to rise gladiator to about 3.75-inches. Thus, it creates adequate space for larger tires and also clears the ground forcefully. A

nother essential feature of the leveling lift kit is the use of high-strength polyurethane to design the spacers. It helps to prevent the occurrence of friction caused by metal-on- metal contact.

However, the process of installation is quite tedious and daunting. Therefore, you will be required to bring on board a professional mechanic for assistance.

Mopar 77072468AB 2' Lift Kit Jeep Gladiator

Seeking for a lift kit that is compatible with your jeep gladiator? Well, the genuine Mopar parts and accessories are a great deal to consider. The Jeep Company develops these components.

The main aim is to ensure they offer impeccable service to the jeep owner. Hence, help to full fill the desire to conquer tough terrain during adventure and road trip.

One thing that amazes many drivers is that the lift kit tends to unleash an extra 2 inches for more off-road clearance. That’s not all.

The extra suspension travel is typically enhanced by a set of premium 2.5-inch monotube Fox shocks and longer coil springs.

Besides that, the kit comes with extended front control arms that help to maintain caster optimization. Hence, prevent any hindrance to off-road drivability since it allows the use of larger tires.

Suspension Leveling Kit, Front, 1.5 Inch Lift; 18-19 Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator

Are you looking for a direct fit suspension lift kit? Well, the Alloy USA Company got your back. The suspension leveling kits from the company are made from premium material to enhance durability.

Besides that, the direct-fit nature helps prevent the hassle and the cost of hiring a professional mechanic to help fix the problem. Another essential feature is the OE style.

It implies that the suspension leveling kit is highly versatile. It can be used on both jeep wrangler and gladiator. That’s not all.

The suspension leveling kit comes with a five-year warranty. Thus, you are a guarantee of maximum satisfaction after lifting your off-roader. The good news is that the lift kit is relatively affordable when compared to other brands. However, the low cost does not come with a compromise quality and performance.

Skyjacker G250MSB Coil Spring Spacer 2.5 in Front 1 in. Rear Incl. Front Shock Extensions Coil Spring Spacer

Are you finding it hard to operate a lift kit? Getting a simple and easy to install lift kit is crucial. Well, skyjack jeep gladiator lift kit got your back.

It comes with a clear and easy to follow instructional guidelines with pictures. Your quest for a reliable off-road vehicle can easily be attained by fitting the skyjacker coil spring spacer.

The most exciting thing is that the kit has a 2.5-inch lift upfront and a one-inch lift at the rear. The modification help to facilitate smooth and more level ride in extreme terrains.

Another essential feature is the metal used to develop the lift kit. They are durable with an elegant black finish to prevent corrosion. Most of the components present in the kit are simple to use. Hence, there is no need to hire a professional mechanic for assistance.

Rough Country 2.5' Leveling Kit (fits) 2019-2020 Jeep Gladiator JT | N3 Front Shocks | Suspension System | 63430

Are you looking for a lift kit for installing larger tires? A rough country lift kit is a good bet. It will provide a 3.5-inch boost to your gladiator for off-roading activities.

Hence, you will be able to install a 37-inch tire diameter with ease. Besides that, it will give your gladiator an excellent blend of performance, protection, and style while driving in rough terrains.

Another exciting feature is the unmatched ground clearance and premium shock absorbers. These features foster unbeatable performance for both on-road and off-road usage.

That’s not all. The simple and easy to follow installation guidelines help to cut down the cost of hiring an expert. Also, the materials used to design the lift kit are of high-quality.

It is the reason why they last for a more extended period when compared to others. Lastly, the lift kit comes with a lifetime replacement warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction. However, shocks have a three-year warranty.

Things to look for when Purchasing a Lift kit for Your Jeep Gladiator

Do you need a quick guide to help in buying the best lift kit for jeep gladiator? There are a lot of things to put into consideration. Here are factors to put into consideration before spending the hard-earned money. They include:


Lift kit comes in different models, and they are designed to suit different vehicles. Therefore, you need to conduct research and pick a lift kit that perfectly suits your jeep gladiators model.


Different brands tend to have various attributes. Take time to check the materials used to design the lift kit before making any purchase. i recommend buying a lift kit made from premium materials to enhance durability.


Rough Country Jeep Gladiator Lift Kit

Different kits tend to lift vehicles at a different height. Jeep gladiators tend to require a more extensive set of custom tires. Therefore, you will be expected to buy a larger kit that will create adequate space to accommodate the tires.

Lift Kit for Jeep Gladiator FAQs

Does the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Come with a Lift?

No. You are expected to buy the lift kit to boost off-road performance. However, new models have the ultimate build platform markings to make it easier for lifting.

Is It too Expensive to Lift a Jeep Gladiator?

Depends on the kind of lift you are looking for, it tends to vary depending on the type of lift kit and the service provider. You should be ready even to pay higher.

How Does Long Will Lift Kit Installation take?

Range from 2 hours to 12 hours. However, the brand and clarity of installation guidelines play a huge role. Also, installation expertise plays a huge role.

Is It Possible to Install Lift Kit at Home?

Absolutely. But you should note that the installation process is dependent on a couple of things. For instance, some lift kit brands are troublesome to install. So, I recommend hiring a professional mechanic for assistance.


There are so many brands of jeep gladiator lift kit in the market. We hope the review and buying guide information will help you make an informed decision. Most of the guides products are tested and proven to be useful for boosting your off- roader performance.

Take the time to read through the products and choose the one that is worth the value of your money. You can consult a professional mechanic to pick the lift kit that is compatible with your gladiator model.

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