Best Jeep Cargo Nets of 2021 – Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated: May 14, 2021

It comes as no surprise that Jeep owners carry more than just themselves on their excursions.

Jeep owners have adventurous natures, which means they usually bring ample amounts of gear along with them.

Whatever gear that may be, it’s a good idea to want to be able to contain that gear. A cargo net does just that. Here is our roundup of the best cargo nets for your Jeep.

Comparison of the Best Jeep Cargo Nets

  • Easily attachable to headrest posts
  • Made out of heavy-duty polyester for enhanced durability
  • Can be installed in cars, SUVs, trucks
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  • Simple to install with a hold capacity of 220 lbs
  • Elasticity and stability provided by mesh nylon
  • Perfect for taking a break after long drive
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  • Best for the Money
  • For holding multiple items in their place
  • Made out of heavy duty nylon for enhanced structure
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  • Best Jeep TJ Cargo Net
  • Comprised of innovative bungee material for better protection
  • Stable holding 20 alloy carabiners
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  • Best Jeep JK Cargo Net
  • Allows unlimited size of cargo/rear zippered curtain
  • Prevents items from flying out of the vehicle
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  • Best Jeep YJ Cargo Net
  • Attaches to the rail channel and straps factory roll bar
  • For 1992-1995 Jeep Wranglers
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  • Best Jeep XJ Cargo Net
  • Foldable cargo net for easy storage
  • Highlighted by a hammock design
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What to Look for When Buying a Jeep Cargo Net


Perhaps the most important aspect when looking for a cargo cover is its construction. Whether using it for something as simple as transporting your groceries or something as complex as a weekend’s worth of gear, the cargo net needs to be able to withstand anything you plan on putting it through.

9 MOON Heavy Duty Cargo Net


Cargo nets come in all kinds of different configurations. Consider what you will be using it for and make sure it is compatible with your needs. Buying a cargo net that replaces your soft top doesn’t do you any good if all you’re looking for is a way to keep the few objects in your Jeep from rolling around in the back, while a small envelope-style net may not be ideal if you plan on containing multiple larger objects.


A company that is offering a quality product will have no problem standing behind that product. A good warranty is often an indication that the product is of high quality.

Review of the Best Jeep Cargo Nets

No matter what you plan on taking in your Jeep with you, we’ve got you covered with our rundown of the best Jeep cargo nets available today.

Best Overall

9 MOON Heavy Duty Cargo Net

Heavy Duty Cargo Net Stretchable, Universal Adjustable Elastic Truck Net with Hooks, Storage Mesh Organizer Bungee for Car, SUV, Truck

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What Recent Buyers Report

Customers are happy with the no-nonsense design of this cargo net. The net does just what you expect of it, and even though it did not come with installation instructions, it is relatively easy to install. The fact that you may need to drill holes in some vehicles for installation put off some buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The 9 Moon Heavy Duty Cargo net is an inexpensive way to secure anything from groceries to tools and anything in between. Its heavy-duty construction means that it will hold up, no matter what you put in it. The stretchable material means it will cover any amount of stuff while staying tight and providing a reliable hold.

Bottom Line

The 9 Moon Heavy Duty Cargo net stands up to the punishment that many Jeep owners can throw at it and does so without having to break the bank. The exceptionally strong material means the net will last for years to come.


Made from high quality, strong polyester

Stretchable to fit over any amount of cargo

Comes with everything needed to install in any Jeep

Adjustable to fit any configuration of Jeep cargo area


Installation instructions not provided

Depending on the vehicle, additional holes may need to be drilled for installation


JeCar Mesh Cargo Net

Mesh Cargo Net, Auto Roof Net Hammock for Jeep Wrangler YJ TJ JK JKU JL JLU JT 1987-2020

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What Recent Buyers Report

Customers are skeptical when it comes to fastening anything to their Jeeps with Velcro straps, especially when it’s a cargo net meant to hold a considerable amount of weight like JeCar is. But this cargo net did not disappoint, and buyers were impressed with the incredible holding abilities.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Not only is the JeCar a very capable cargo net, when installed on the roof area of your Jeep it doubles as a hammock, which is an ideal feature for those adventurous Jeep owners that want to take a bit a time to relax on the trail. The flexible mesh design offers a comfortable stronghold that you can use for a quick break or a night under the stars without worrying about it falling from under you. Because of this strength and flexibility, larger cargo can be carried up above and free up some of your interior space.

Bottom Line

With easy installation on the roll bars of your Jeep, the JeCar Mesh Cargo Net is a versatile way to carry or contain any cargo you bring along on your travels. It doubles as a hammock, so this cargo net holds an incredible amount of weight without the worry of failure.


Can hold up to 220lbs

30-day satisfaction, money-back guarantee

Hook and loop design easily install on rollbar

Elastic nylon mesh provides flexible, sturdy hold

Can double as a Hammock when installed on roof roll bars


Tends to sag when holding a lot of weight

Because it is exposed to direct sunlight, it can be susceptible to fading

Best for the Money

AndyGo Floor/Envelope Style Net

AndyGo Floor/Envelope Style Car Trunk Cargo Net Fit for Jeep Liberty Patriot Wrangler Commander Compass Grand Cherokee Renegade

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are impressed with the quality that comes with the low cost of the AndyGo. While many would have liked to see metal tie-down hooks as opposed to the plastic ones that it comes with, the durability for the low cost was well received.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love AndyGo’s envelope design. It allows us to secure large items while still providing access to the more used items we carry with us without unfastening the cargo net each time. The AndyGo cargo net offers incredible value, and its high-quality construction is comparable to the higher-end options available, but at a lower cost than most.

Bottom Line

We don’t always want to spend a lot of money for cargo solutions for our Jeep. It can be easy to do just that, but the AndyGo Floor/Envelope cargo net offers all of the benefits of spending the money on a high-end net without actually having to do so.


Durable nylon construction

Clip-in design for easy installation

Tight hold keeps items from sliding around

Adjustable to fit multiple Jeep configurations

Multipurpose pocket means easy organization


Thin nylon can sometimes catch on larger items

Plastic tie-down hooks susceptible to breaking under stress

Best Jeep TJ Cargo Net

BORDAN Mesh Cargo Net

5'x7' Heavy Duty Bungee Cargo Net Truck Bed Nets Stretches to 10'x14' SUV Cargo Net for Rooftop Cargo Carrier with 20 pcs D Clip Carabiners for Pickup Truck SUV Trailer Boat RV

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What Recent Buyers Report

Customers that bought the BORDAN Mesh Cargo net used it in one of two ways. One is covering cargo inside the Jeep, and the other is as a cover or tie-down for cargo on roof racks. Adjustable up to 10 feet, this cargo net managed both very well, and its small mesh configuration and quality construction left no concern for those carrying their cargo on the outside.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The BORDAN’s incredible versatility is what makes it stand out to us. It adjusts to multiple sizes to contain anything from a few tools to an entire weekend trip worth of gear. Whether you want to keep your things secure inside the Jeep or prefer to carry them on the roof racks, this cargo net can handle it all. Its premium bungee material means it can stretch over the largest of cargo while providing the peace of mind that nothing will come loose during travel.

Bottom Line

The BORDAN Mesh Cargo Net is the perfect cargo net for just about any situation. The aluminum carabiners make it easy to use and offer a stronghold no matter what kind of gear you are transporting.


Aluminum alloy carabiners for a secure hold

Small mesh grid keeps even small items secure

Fully adjustable for any size needed up to 10 feet

Carabiners mean easy installation to existing factory vehicle tie-downs

Bungee type material is strong and durable while maintaining flexibility


Can be heavy and cumbersome to carry around

May be difficult to get completely tight when using in smaller configurations

Best Jeep JK Cargo Net

Smittybilt 571035

Smittybilt 571035 C.RES Cargo Restraint System Net for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2-Door - Black

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of the SmittyBilt cargo cover love the fact that it not only installs just as a factory soft top would but also looks as if it is a factory Mopar accessory. Built from the same material as the factory soft top would be, this cargo net offers customers the freedom of taking the top off without the worry of losing valuable cargo on those rough trips.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love how this cargo net looks on our JK. Made from the same material as the factory soft top, the SmittyBilt Cargo Net looks and feel of a factory top, while providing us the open-air freedom of having the top off. This is an especially great cargo net for those who have dogs as it provides them with the feeling of not being cooped up in the back of a vehicle while ensuring that they’re not going to be able to get out.

Bottom Line

Yes, the SmittyBilt Cargo Net may seem expensive, but don’t think of it as a cargo net, but rather a replacement for your soft top. It uses the same soft top material as the OEM net and provides style and protection for years to come.


Lightweight and easy to install

Constructed from OEM soft top material

Fits directly onto factory belt rail channel

Factory fit and finish gives it an OEM look

Industrial strength zippered rear curtain allows easy access to cargo


Slightly loose when installed causes it to move slightly in the wind

Requires soft top door surroundings and tailgate bar to install. Would not work on factory hardtop TJs

Best Jeep YJ Cargo Net

Smittybilt 521035

Smittybilt 521035 C.RES Cargo Restraint System for 1992-95 Jeep Wrangler YJ

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of the SmittyBilt cargo cover love how easy it is to install. Like other cargo nets in SmittyBilt’s lineup, it is made from the same material as the factory soft top and offers customers the freedom of taking the top off without the worry of losing valuable cargo.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love how this cargo net looks on our YJ. It’s made from the same material as the factory soft top, so the SmittyBilt Cargo Net looks and feels like a factory top. It also provides the open-air feel of having the top off with the security we need to keep an abundant amount of cargo secure.

Bottom Line

Don’t think of this as just another cargo net, but rather a replacement for your soft top. It’s constructed from the same soft top material as the OEM one and provides style and protection for years to come.


Lightweight and easy to install

Has the look of an OEM soft top

Constructed from OEM soft top material

Fits directly onto factory belt rail channel

Easy access to rear cargo without having to completely remove


Fit is not 100% tight and may flap in the wind

Would not work on YJs that have factory hardtop

Best Jeep XJ Cargo Net

Trunknets Inc Envelope Trunk Cargo Net

Envelope Trunk Cargo Net For JEEP CHEROKEE 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 NEW

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What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers love this net when using it as a small cargo net. While some report the clips breaking, most resulted from over-packing the cargo net and not using it for its intended use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The TrunkNets cargo net is a lightweight net for simple cargo needs, such as transporting groceries or containing small tools and safety kits that often have permanent spots in the back of our Jeep. The TrunkNets cargo cover does this perfectly. The envelope design keeps cargo upright and stops it from falling over or rolling around, just as a net of this caliber should.

Bottom Line

Don’t expect the TrunkNets cargo net to hold your spare tire or your off-road jack because that is not what this net does. What it does do and does very well is keep the little things you may have rolling around in the back of your Jeep contained. The envelope design is perfect for keeping things that need to be upright facing the right direction and contained.


Tool-free easy installation

Durable nylon construction

Compact design for easy storage when not in use

Envelope Style keeps cargo upright and contained inside the net

Attaches to existing vehicle mounting points. No extra parts or drilling needed


Plastic clips could be prone to breaking if under stress

Lightweight design may not be optimal for covering large, heavy cargo

What is a Jeep Cargo Net?

One of the big appeals of owning a Jeep is its off-road capabilities. The terrain can go from a smooth highway to a bumpy, uneven trail in a hurry when you drive a Jeep. And what happens to the cargo you have with you when you do decide to hit the road less traveled? If not secured, it’s likely to start bouncing around your Jeep, possibly causing damage not just to the cargo but to your Jeep as well. A cargo net properly secures all those items at once without having to tie each and everything down.

How Does a Jeep Cargo Net Work?

Jeep cargo nets are a mesh-style holding system that typically uses hooks, straps, or carabiners attached to factory tie-downs in your Jeep to cover and secure whatever load you may be carrying. These nets can be as simple as a small cover for the cargo area or as complex as a soft top replacement.

What Size of Cargo Net Do I Need For My Jeep?

The type of Jeep you drive and what you plan on carrying determine the size of the cargo net you need. The net needs to suit your traveling needs. If you plan on taking very little with you on your trip, then a relatively small net would suffice, but if you plan on taking the top off but still stuffing the Jeep full of gear, then you need one sufficient enough to keep the gear contained inside.

JeCar Mesh Cargo Net

What Are the Benefits of a Jeep Cargo Net?


As Jeep owners, we love to test the famous off-road capabilities of our Jeeps. Those off-road excursions can get more than a little bumpy. Suddenly anything that is not tied down is bouncing around. While most of the time, it is nothing more than an inconvenience, those objects bouncing around could become a safety issue for you and your passengers. A good cargo net will keep them contained in any situation.

Smittybilt 571035

Preventing Damage

Picture that same off-road situation. If safety isn’t an issue, then damage almost certainly is. We don’t just mean damage to the cargo, but damage to your Jeep itself. Interior panels are often brittle plastic, and it does not take much for something bouncing around to hit one of those panels and scratch or crack it.

Keeps Everything Contained

However minor, it’s a nuisance to have to climb into the back of your Jeep to retrieve a much-needed tool or the groceries strewn everywhere from a simple drive. A cargo net lets you contain whatever it may be that you are carrying to one specific, easy to reach area, eliminating the hassle of having to climb in and retrieve everything.

Jeep Cargo Net Installation

How to install your new cargo net will depend on what it is that you have purchased. Installation ranges from something as simple as attaching hooks to your already existing cargo tie-downs to removing your factory soft top and installing a cargo net in its place. We covered multiple styles of cargo nets in this rundown, and each one of them will have a different installation process. The important thing is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions just as they are. Failure to do so could not only compromise the effectiveness of the net itself but could even void any warranty coverage. We provided a link below that you can refer to for some helpful pointers. 


However you use your Jeep, be it off-road or daily driving, anything left laying in the cargo area will move around if not properly secured. Sure, you could secure everything individually, but the right cargo net will save you the aggravation of having to do this and offer a convenient easy way to keep everything you carry with you contained.

Quick Summary – Best Jeep Cargo Nets

Here’s a quick summary of the best Jeep cargo nets:

  1. 9 MOON Heavy Duty Cargo Net
  2. JeCar Mesh Cargo Net
  3. AndyGo Floor/Envelope Style Net

People Also Ask

As consumers, we want to make sure we’re buying the right product for our specific needs. That means we usually have questions that need answering. Here are just a few that we most commonly get asked.

How Much Do Jeep Cargo Nets Cost?

The price of a cargo net will vary considerably depending on how you intend to use it. A simple net for the cargo area of your Jeep can range anywhere from $15 to $50, while the more extravagant ones often used to replace the factory soft top or used on a roof rack range anywhere from $50 to $200.

Are Jeep Cargo Nets Really Worth it?

Maybe you are not the type of person to take your Jeep on long, crazy adventures packed to the top with gear, but you’re almost certainly a person who uses the cargo area to carry your groceries. You may not need something extravagant, but a cargo net that can keep your stuff from rolling around your Jeep while driving is worth it.

Where Do You Put the Jeep Doors When Using a Cargo Net?

The cargo nets mentioned in this rundown will not impede putting your doors inside your Jeep. The cargo you have with you might take up some of the space needed for those doors when not in use, so plan with that kind of stuff, but the nets themselves will not get in the way, and you can carry your doors just as you always do.

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