Are Jeep Wrangler Interiors Waterproof? (Can it get Wet? Find Out)

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No need to explain the feeling of freedom that a Jeep offers, thanks to the convertible top. One of the major highlights of owning a Jeep is you get to enjoy what nature has to offer at its fullest.

However, Mother Nature is always unpredictable, and what happens to your Jeep when it starts raining? Will your Jeep get soaked in water? Well, this leads us to the question “whether Jeep wrangler interiors are waterproof?”

In short, jeep wrangler interiors are not waterproof, however, the interior is water-resistant. There’s a stark difference between these two terms. In reality, most of the products that claim to be water-resistant are not, because a true water-resistant object is impervious to water.

How Water Resistant is a Jeep Wrangler

According to the manufacturer, the push-button system, or rather the keyless ignition system on the Jeep underwent a 24-hour soak test.

This means that even in the advent of rain or exposure to water, the Jeep will not fail to ignite since the ignition system is water resistance.

Alongside the ignition controls, Jeep also claims that the electronics and the ignition systems are similarly water-resistant.

The manufacturers at Jeep know that many users drive with their tops open, and so, they’ve reinforced the interior parts that are likely to get wet after exposure to moisture.

Be as it may, just because the manufacturer has reinforced the interior does not mean that you should expose your Jeep to prolonged rainfall.

Exposing your Jeep for moisture and water will only damage your Jeep. More importantly, you need to use common sense. For instance, it would be stupid to go for a wash with the top down.

How Do You Prevent your Jeep From Getting Soaked

Here are some of the effective tips that will keep your Jeep from getting soaked.

1. Always Check the Weather

While the weather forecast is not always accurate, it’s always a good idea that you keep an eye on the general weather conditions.

For instance, if it has been raining lately, it’s always a good idea to take preventive measures to avoid getting soaked.

2. Use the Soft-Top Back On

The good thing about the soft tops is they’re easy to set and as well as break down. By putting a soft-top on your Jeep, you’ll save yourself from the inconvenience of having your Jeep, particularly the seats soaked.

3. Cover the Dashboard With a Bikini Top

There’re numerous benefits of throwing a bikini top on your dashboard. Depending on the type and size, the bikini top will go to great length in keeping your dash and the larger interior from getting soaked in water.

4. Use a Jeep Cover

A solid Jeep cover is yet another handy option that will keep your Jeep from soaking. An inexpensive product, the Jeep cover, is easy to set up; you simply need to roll them over the cage and windshield and cinch them tight.

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5. Get Seat Covers

I love seat covers because they not only protect your seats from soaking, but they’re easy to clean compared to the factory seats. To clean these seat covers, you simply have to wipe them with a piece of cloth.

What to Do When Your Wrangler Gets Wet

When all is said and done, you cannot entirely avoid your Jeep getting soaked. There are times where you will misjudge the weather, only for rain to come down pouring on you. So, what do you do in case your Jeep gets soaked?

1. Wipe All the Dry Surfaces

The first step is to wipe all the dry surfaces using a dry towel, cotton, or any moisture-wicking rag. Wiping the dashboard and the steering column doors, for instance, will help to pull the moisture from these surfaces.

2. Pull the Carpets

Depending on whether the floor of your Jeep is wet, you might need to pull the carpets.

Wet and moist carpets are the perfect breeding ground for mildew and mold, and pulling the carpet will help you find areas where water is pooling After you pull the carpet, you need to thoroughly vacuum them and hang them in the air to dry.

3. Pull the Plugs Over

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In the last decade, Jeep has manufactured models with drains in the floor, and this makes it easy to get pooling water from your Jeep. So, if your Jeep gets caught in a downpour and your interior is soaking, you’ll simply need to pull the plugs to drain any pooling water.

4. Air Dry

As simple as it sounds, let your Jeep sit out in the open air will go a long way in drying and removing the moistness. If it’s during the winter season or the air is still damp to dry the moisture, you can alternatively use a fan to remove the damp condition.


During a downpour, the most affected parts are the pats on the electronics, including the radio, the clock, and the electronics.

Regardless of how Jeep claims to have reinforced the dashboard, remember there’s always a possibility of risk when electronics are exposed to water.

So, you need to take the right action, avoid your Jeep getting soaked, and if it does, you need to expedite the drying task.

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