Best Floor Jack for a Jeep Wrangler (The Ultimate Buying Guide)

Jeep Wrangler is an off-road SUV. For an off-roading vehicle, the Wrangler is usually the best choice because it has a proficient engine and plenty of cargo space.

Being an off-road, and an all-weather machine, it, therefore, requires that you have the right equipment when traveling.

A great floor jack is a must-have in this case. The two most commonly used jacks that one can use are the mechanical jack and the hydraulic jack.

To lift heavy machinery a mechanical jack is needed. The hydraulic jack uses hydraulic power and it is in this category that you will find the floor jack which is mostly used in Jeeps.

The most important piece of tool you can find in a car is a jack. There are roads that can be quite unforgiving with their difficult and rough terrain.

Driving on such roads can be a nightmare and if anything was to happen to your tires a proper floor jack can be the savior for that moment.

Floor jacks come in various sizes and lifting capabilities. It is important to know which jack will best suit your car. For a Jeep Wrangler, a high capacity floor jack would be ideal given that a jeep wrangler is a big vehicle.

Jeeps are manufactured with a wide clearance. When they’re lifted, jeeps (especially Wranglers) can get an additional clearance.

This means that they need a higher floor jack. For that reason alone you will need a high floor jack that will get your jeep off the ground.

Quick Take - Best Floor Jack for a Jeep Wrangler

Before you get too far, here's a quick take of the best floor jack for a Jeep Wrangler:

  1. The Hydraulic Bottle Jack
  2. The Powerbuilt Bottle Jack
  3. Alltrade Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack

Review of the Best Floor Jack for a Jeep Wrangler

Here are some of the best floor jacks recommended for a Jeep Wrangler:

BIG RED T92003B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack, 20 Ton (40,000 lb) Capacity, Red

For a Jeep Wrangler, the Hydraulic Bottle Jack is one of the most ideal for high clearance Jeeps. The hydraulic bottle jack can be engaged in a vertical position.

It is ideal because of its high leverage. It can fit into small spaces making it perfect for any car boot or garage. It is simple to use and affordable. This particular jack is designed for jeeps that are lifted up to 14”.

The jack itself is capable of extending to a full 15 3/8” leaving enough working space for the mechanic. This jack can comfortably bear the weight of up to four tons.

It is fitted with a hydraulic gadget that simplifies the safely raising and lowering of the jeep. The saddle is made of steel which guarantees reliable durability.

It can endure critical stress since it is heat-treated. This jack is very cost-effective and can fit into any garage.

Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton, All-In-One Bottle Jack

This Powerbuilt bottle jack will benefit anyone with a jeep that lifts as high as 16”. This is because this jack can fully extend to 18”.

Its safety bar speedily and effortlessly locks into the preferred height. This means that working on the body, chassis or the tires will be as easy as a breeze especially when working with high clearance Jeeps.

This is a dream come true for any mechanic. The frame of this jack is built to withstand the harsh environment. Garages can be quite rough and rugged and therefore this jack will comfortably endure the environment.

It meets all standards for compliant safety needs. It is the best go-to tool in any garage.

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

As the name suggests this heavy-duty jack is a commercial-grade solution ideal to get your high clearance jeep off the ground. It is similar to the Bottle jack in that it too can extend to 18”.

This will give you ample room to work from. It is easy to use and it is highly durable. The jack holds up to 4tons making it perfect for jeep models.

It can easily lift a car, a truck, and even a motorcycle. The saddle has a wide working area that is safe for any operation.

When working on, taking out, and switching vehicle transmissions and differentials, this Jack is just perfect. The Alltrade Powerbuilt jack has a fastening bar that allows you to secure your lift in place.

It has a compliant safety warranty so you are safe as you work. This jack is mostly used in racetracks because of its safety measures.

If the race track mechanics can trust this jack, why not the drivers of any Jeep Wrangler? Jack can lift the Wrangler with no problem. After using the jack can be folded down flat making it easy to store even in a small space.

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack - 3.5 Ton Capacity

This Blackhawk jack has the highest extension measurements of any jack. It goes as high as 19 1/2”. Perfect for any jeep.

It is fast, durable and convenient. This Blackhawk jack exudes quality, and the very sturdy lift height makes it an excellent heavy-duty jack.

The handle is easy to assemble and use. The saddle padding is a wonderful added feature. You can easily move the jack around because the wheels are heavy steel, wide and they roll smoothly even across an uneven floor.

It has an internally located safety valve for further reliability which is crucial since you are working under the vehicle. You can never be too careful!

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48' Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack

This steel jack is built with a combination of cast mechanisms. It has four high-strength engraved steel gears. It is tall and it is one of the most robust jacks for lifted Jeeps on the market.

It comes with a top crane connector clamp that guarantees that the jack securely lifts a Jeep Wrangler with no risk of slippage.

It is safe, convenient, easy to use and durable, It has a two-piece handle which makes it incredibly easy to use. Safety stickers are fitted everywhere on this jack to make it completely user-friendly.

It comes with a shear bolt that ensures that it doesn’t lift beyond its capacity. It can be a little more pricy than the other jacks, but its long product life makes it all worth the price tag.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Floor Jack

1. The Floor Jack Speed

Will you need the jack for use at the garage or in an emergency when on the road? A fast adjustable jack can come in handy when you are in an emergency.

2. Safety

The safety of any floor jack should be non-negotiable after all you will be working under the car! You can get injured or get killed if anything went wrong. Ensure the Jack has the necessary safety warranty.

The Hydraulic Bottle Jack

The Height of Your Jeep Some Jeeps have a higher clearance than others. The floor jack should lift your vehicle to a comfortable height where you can work stress-free without the fear of slippage.

4. Floor Jack Weight

The floor jack has to have the thickness required to hold a jeep up in the air. The more heavy-duty the floor jack, the better. You want to know that your Jeep is helped up safely.

5. Construction

The jack should be well built to withstand the heaviest of weight. Aluminum is one of the construction materials for the floor jack and it is lightweight.

Alltrade Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack

Steel is also used to make floor jacks but it can make the jack extremely heavy and thus difficult to move around.

Both materials can be used to make great floor jacks and cost may be the only limiting factor.

Final Thoughts on the 5 Top Floor Jacks for your Wrangler

There is a wide range of floor jacks out there. It is good to do some research when looking for a specific floor jack. That way, you will make a well-informed decision that will benefit you and your Jeep.

From the above review, it looks such a tough choice to settle on the best Jack for a Jeep Wrangler. They are all well fitted to work with the Wrangler.

The choice falls squarely up to the user. The Pro-Lift model is convenient, fast, simple, and easy. A PowerBuilt jack is an all-rounder that provides solid dependability that will put your mind at ease.

The Alltrade jack is mobile, fast, strong, and convenient. It has a massive surface area for increased safety. The Blackhawk floor jack is a simple model that can work in any condition and environment.

When using a floor jack safety should always be paramount. In this case, choose a floor jack that gives you peace of mind when it comes to safety and also one that gives you value for your money. Take into consideration the materials used, the warranties, and the cost. The choice is yours.

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