Best Bike Rack for Jeep Wrangler [Review & Buying Guide]

A sturdy bike rack is essential if you want to attach your bike to the roof’s rack or the trunk of your jeep wrangler. DIY and cheaper methods like bungee cords can only secure your bike so much.

A bike rack will save space and prevent your bike from getting scratched.

The simpler it is to take your bike for a day of riding, the more often you are to get out there. Riding a bike is a good workout method and a rigorous sport that takes you right back to nature.

While the world has been changed due to technology, bikes can help kids and adults enjoy the outdoors and shed weight at the same time.

If you have a bike, you would know that it is an investment and you’d want to enjoy one model for years to come. A good quality bike is quite expensive and maintaining it properly can extend its life.

That is why a good bike rack is essential and a safe way to stash bikes while going on road trips or even relocating.

Quick Take - Best Bike Rack for Jeep Wrangler

Before you get too far, here's a quick take of the best bike rack for Jeep Wrangler:

  1. Hollywood Racks SR1 Spare Tire Rack 2-Bike Rack
  2. Thule Spare Me 2 Bike Carrier for Spare Tire Mounts
  3. Yakima SpareRide 2 Bike Carrier Rack

Review of the Best Bike Rack for Jeep Wrangler

Here are the 5 Best Bike Racks for Your Jeep Wrangler:

Hollywood Racks SR1 Spare Tire Rack 2-Bike Spare Tire Mount Rack


  • Quick installation or removal
  • Is Adjustable to fit rear-spare tires
  • Can hold two bikes Comes pre-assembled and can be folded to make compact
  • The Support arms can be adjusted in the middle for side-mounted tires


  • There are a lot of straps that slide around which might get confusing
  • You will have to purchase a bike rack lock separately

It is super easy to install. We really like how we can adjust the placement of your bike depending on where your mount is located on your rear hatch.

The cradles are also secure and will not scratch your bike. It has a weight capacity of 75 pounds. The distance between the arms from outside to is about 14 inches.

It will fit most door-mounted spare tires up to 12 inches. The SR1 comes pre-assembled and is set to fit a center-tired mount. However, you can adjust the bike rack to fit which alignment your tire is in.

This carrier is built to accommodate different styles of bikes so that a bike bar is not needed that often. You need to make sure that the bicycles do not come close to the exhaust as the tires can be heat-sensitive

Thule 963PRO Spare Me 2 Bike Spare Tire Bike Carrier, One Color, One Size


  • Compatible with factory-size and oversized spare tires
  • Has Anti-sway and “Stay-Put” cradle to prevent swinging of the bikes
  • Can be folded down to save space Easy to install


  • Screws on the metal plate may loosen so you’ll have to tighten them over time

The spare me is designed to mount on the spare tire mount at the back of the Jeep Wrangler. To install you will have to remove the spare tire and put the mounting plate over the studs on the spare tire mount.

Then put the mounting plate over the studs on the tire mount. The mount for the rack can be installed in 3 places- on the far right, on the center or on the far left.

There is a lock core which means the bike rack cannot be removed from the vehicle. You can pull down the arms of the Spare me to allow clearance over the rearview.

The cradle features grooved rubber pads to accommodate gear cables and brake cables. Remember to load the heaviest bike closer to the vehicle, this way they are better supported.

Included with the Spare me is a coated steel cable bike-lock which you can feed through the frame of your bike and back through the rack to secure the bike to the rack.

YAKIMA - SpareRide, Bicycle Rack, Turns Your Rear Mounted Spare Tire Into A Rack, 2 Bike Capacity


  • Holds up 2 bikes Has a locking system with a cable of 60 m
  • Features a SuperCush ZipStrip to store the bike securely
  • Has a bottle opener attached


  • a bit pricey compared to other bike racks

The Yakima is available to fit most vehicles with a rear-mounted spare tire. This means it will be compatible with Jeep Wranglers 2018 or older models. 2019 and newer models’ spare tire is mounted through the center.

With the Yakima, you will get the bike rack with folding arms with a locking bike cable, 6 zip strips (which will secure your bike to the cradles), mounting bracket, 3 mounting tongues with different lengths.

The locking handle comes with a pre-installed SKS lock core. You’ll also find a matching SKS lock core in the locking cable. The shortest tongue will come installed on the mounting plate and is meant for a 195 to 230width tire.

Now, this is smaller than the tire that you’ll find at the back of a wrangler so you will need to swap it out. The medium-length tongue is designed to work with a 235-275 width tire which is perfect for a factory-sized spare tire on a jeep wrangler.

The longest tongue will work on most oversized tires. An added benefit of your bike rack is that it also acts as an anti-theft device for your spare tire. It folds the mounting arms down very neatly when they’re not in use.

Loading a bike is simple, raise the handle and they’ll open in the upright position- ready to allow bikes on to the rack.

It has an anti-sway cradle that prevents the bike from swinging back and forth, especially when you have two bikes on the rack.

A bonus is that it includes 2 bottle openers so that you and a friend can enjoy refreshments after your cycle ride.

Kuat Transfer 2 Bike Rack Black, One Size


  • Secures bikes by wheels which will prevent damage to the frames
  • Easy to load bikes as it is low to the ground
  • Can hold any type of bike Sturdy construction


  • You will have to purchase a lockable trailer hitch pin

The Kuat transfer platform-style 2 bike rack is the perfect solution for carrying two bikes on the rear of your vehicle safely and securely.

It is unique as it holds bikes by their front tire with down pressure, having no frame contact. It has a tilt feature allowing you to gain access to the rear hatch. Simply press on spring-loaded foot-lever and we can tilt it out.

The cradles are adjustable along with the platform and are made of durable plastic. They should accommodate a wide variety of bike tire sizes.

The wheel hook is made of the same durable plastic with a thin rubber coating on the underside to ensure a good grip on our tires.

It too should accommodate a wide variety of bike tire sizes as it has an indent for skinny tires. The hook is adjustable along the arm here to fit most bikes.

The whole bike rack folds up against the rear of the vehicle when not in use for compact storage. As for the appearance, it is made of sturdy steel construction with a nice gunmetal gray powder coat finish. So it will resist rust and corrosion.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Mounted Carrier, Model 322DN


  • Designed especially for newer models of the Jeep Wrangler
  • Affordable
  • Does not prohibit access to the tailgate cargo area
  • The individual tie-down system protects bicycles
  • Can fit a wide range of rear-mounted spare tires


  • You will need to buy your own locking systems

This premium 2 bikes spare tire mounted bike rack is designed especially for the 2010 and newer Jeep Wrangler. For starters, this bike is very easy to install.

Being an over-tire bike rack, it rests on top of the rear-mounted spare tire on the back of the wrangler. It has been designed to accommodate everything from a standard-sized tire to an oversized 12 ½ inch tire.

The bike rack gives plenty of clearance around the backup camera which is placed in the center of the spare tire. So it will not prohibit or block the vision when backing up.

The cradle is nice and wide so that it neatly fits the third brake light on the tailgate. To install you need to press the bike rack on top of the spare tire while the two feet rest against the sidewall keeping it standing away from your spare wheel.

Pull down the two straps to hook underneath your wrangler and pull down on the webbing till you get a good secure connection. You can secure the bike in place with nylon straps and buckles.

Saris Freedom Spare Tire Bike Rack Mount, 2-Bicycle Carrier, Black

The Saris Freedom SuperClamp is a perfect solution for the bikes that we don’t want any frame contact with. It uses 2 clamps- one on the rear and one on the front tire with a backup strap in the wheel cradle to hold the bike in place without issues of rubbing.

The hooks are ratcheting and the same goes for the arms which can go all the way down which gives you the freedom to use all styles of bikes with this.

The fully adjustable wheel cradles can move in and out to accommodate 44 ½ inch wheelbase. It comes with a cable lock which stores at the end of the crossbar and since they have cable keepers, you won’t have to worry about noise or rattling.

Another thing we liked about the SupleClamp is that we can open the rear door even when the bikes are placed on it. To install a bike, you need to push the yellow-level and bring the front-wheel and rear-heel hook all the way up, undo the buckle strap and place the bike in position.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bike Rack for your Jeep

There are some factors you should consider before purchasing a bike rack for your jeep:

Type of bike racks:

Spare Tire Mounted Racks

This kind of bike rack is the most commonly used one for Jeep Wranglers.

This rack will bolt or strap on to your spare tire and there are some which can do both. This allows you to reach the bed of your jeep wrangler without having to dismantle the bike rack.

These racks are easy and quick to install and are not expensive. They can fit up to 2 bikes. These racks will hold the bikes in a hanging position which may be an inconvenience at times and may cause damage to the bike frame.

Roof Bike Rack

If you drive a vehicle with a high roof, you may not want this kind of a bike rack. Being tall, you will have to live the bike over your head to place it securely.

If lifting the bike high on the roof is not an issue with you, you may have to purchase a second bike rack as most roof ones can only hold one. Roof models can be a good idea for lower roof vehicles.

Hitch-Mount Bike Racks

This type of bike rack can slide into the receiver of a jeep and can hold more than 2 bikes at a time which is something most other types cannot offer.

They can be quite expensive as they are very sturdy and can last for a very long time. It is easy to unload and load bikes into this system.

They are heavy and bulky in design so if you’re off-roading a lot, this bike rack can be annoying.

Bike weight limit

This is one of the most practical factors that should think about before buying a bike rack. Every manufacturer will mention the maximum weight your rack can take without breaking or causing damage to your bicycle.

Hollywood Racks SR1 Spare Tire Rack 2-Bike Rack

On average most racks can take about 30 kilograms or 70 pounds of weight. To be on the safe side, the higher the bike weight limit, the better it is.


Every bike owner knows that a lock for your bike is crucial and the same applies for a bike rack. Bikes and their accessories are stolen very often so its best to choose a bike rack with some sort of a lock.

Ease of Use

Racks with collapsible arms will help it be more compact and not take up too much space. Even if you’re a pro, look for something that installs quickly and comes with instructions.

Look for one that has an anti-sway cage that will keep the bike in place while you’re on the move. Style While not the most important consideration, you may want to purchase something that suits the design and color of your jeep.

Also, do check if the model of your jeep wrangler is compatible with the bike rack.

Final Thoughts

With this, I end the guide on the best five bike racks available for your Jeep Wrangler today. Armed with this information, you can securely purchase the bike rack suited to your needs.

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