Best Antennas for Jeep Wrangler (In-depth Review & Buying Guide)

For most people, the radio is a great way of entertaining themselves during their long drives. For others, listening to music on their long commutes or drives outdoors is a necessity as much fuel is.

And if you’re the lucky owner of a jeep wrangler, it is crucial that it has a great antenna to receive and transmit audio signals over your stereo.

Without this, it will be a struggle to listen to music or shows on the radio clearly.

Our Top Picks for Antennas For Jeep Wrangler

Comparison of the Best Antennas for Jeep Wrangler

  • Can not easily be removed to make it difficult to steal
  • Hard anodized and one-piece design for easy installation
  • Carwash safe and made from strong durable material to last longer
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  • Made with a modern low profile design
  • Will directly fit on all new Jeep Wranglers
  • Compatible with all wireless devices like BlueTooth and GPS
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  • Will easily fit on all newer models
  • Made from strong and very durable materials
  • Comes s with a high output of up to 900 Watts
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  • Can very easily be installed in just one minute
  • Made from flexible and durable memory materials
  • Will fit a wide range of Wrangler models
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  • Equipped with an external coil to cancel noise
  • Made with stainless steel threading to last longer
  • Compatible with a wide range of Jeep Wrangler models
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How to Choose the Right Antenna For Your Wrangler

Now let’s look at the characteristics of an antenna which will help you choose the right one from the above review:

FM or AM

Reception is one of the most important factors. Most good antennas will be able to transmit AM and FM frequencies just fine.

I’ve seen that FM stations work well when you’re driving close to a city, While AM stations tend to have better reception in rural areas.

Be sure to check the brand of the antenna and how the reception catches in your jeep. As a general rule, the higher the antenna, the better the strength of the reception.

But do not purchase the tallest antenna at first whim, keep in mind that very tall ones will interfere with trees, branches and the natural environment.


You wouldn’t want to have your antenna break even it comes in contact with something. There are many advantages to having a flexible antenna.

If you are driving under the trees, the original antenna may get trapped and break off. So a short antenna enhancement may be a good option.

Also, if you live in areas with harsh weather, a shorted antenna enhancement will keep you and the vehicle out of trouble.

Ronin Factory Bullet Antenna for Jeep Wrangler JK & JL Gladiator 2007+

The Material Used

Some cheap antennas are made from aluminum, while on the other hand of the price spectrum, you’ll find aircraft-based aluminum or copper.

Like it works with most products, cheaper ones will not last very long and may fade with time. Antennas made of fiberglass are a recent innovation and can perform much better compared to old materials.

Center-load antennas can break due to force but fiberglass can handle a good amount of abuse and rigors. Replacing antennas every so often is a hassle and since you’re spent a lot to buy and maintain a Jeep Wrangler antenna, we would suggest that you buy not based on the lowest price.

Compatibility With Your Jeep Wrangler

One of the most important factors is compatibility as you wouldn’t want to buy something that will not fit with your jeep.

You can check the owner’s manual to see the specifications or contact the manufacturer directly to assist you in the process.

You may need an adaptor to fix the antenna in some cases and the company may direct you to the right one.

Regular vs. Stubby Antenna

Most people believe that the longer the antenna the better it is but I don’t think this really depends on the brand of the antenna, your location and material use- the height is just a matter of convenience.

If you live in a rural area, you might get a better signal with a longer antenna. But you have to be careful when it comes to car washes and trees along the way.

A stubby or a shorter antenna can reduce the range by 20-30% but if you live in a suburban to an urban area, you will not notice this loss. It tends to be more durable and weather-proof though.

Review of the Best Antennas for Jeep Wrangler

Here are my top 5 antennas for a Jeep Wrangler:

Bullet Antenna for Jeep Wrangler JK & JL Gladiator 2007+ | Anti-Theft Replacement Antenna | Jeep Wrangler JL & JK Accessories by RONIN Factory


  • Jeep Antenna
  • Fits Jeep JK JL & Gladiator JT
  • Easy Installation 13-Inch Replacement
  • Comes with a thread lock to prevent thefts
  • Modern looking with an Aluminum construction with Anodized Black finish


  • Some people found the reception to falter in rural areas

One of the unique features of this Ronin antenna is the anti-theft locking compound. A piece of compound at the thread of the antenna will lock into the base which will make it very difficult for thieves to get a hold of this antenna.

Another favorite is the anodized matte black finish which makes the antenna scratch-proof and chipping-resistant. And it will not fade if your Jeep Wrangler stays out in the sun.

The Ronin Bullet antenna measures a little over 5 inches which is the same size as a 50 caliber bullet. If you live in a city with a good signal and lots of towers, then the size of the antenna should not make a difference.

But if you drive in a rural area with fewer towers, you may notice a difference in signals. But the good news is Bluetooth, Sirius XM, radio and GPS navigation will not be affected.

Installation is incredibly simple- take out the stock antenna and screw the bullet antenna in. Let the adhesive sit in for about 24 hours.

Rugged Ridge 17212.1 Antenna, Reflex, 13 inch; 07-present Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator


  • Easy Installation
  • Made of High-Quality
  • Aluminum Comes with adapters for easy installation
  • Increased flexibility means that this antenna can handle disruptions like trees without breaking


  • Some people found connecting to FM stations difficult

The Rugged Ridge will fit all your 2007-2018 Wrangler JKs and your 2018 Wrangler JLs.

This is a good choice for the avid off-roader who is looking for some extra peace of mind when they’re hitting those trails to avoid bent or broken antennas.

This is a great upgrade for those jeep owners who want to ditch the stock antenna for something more durable and more appealing.

The Rugged ridge antenna is shorter than the stock antenna by about 22 inches and will not whip around. You will get the same reception and the same channels as with the stock one.

The antenna is much shorter than the stock antenna and is way more flexible. As for installation, it is pretty simple as you can install this under 10 minutes with simple hand tools.

Rugged Ridge provides 2 different ones. You will have to choose the right one depending on the model of your jeep. Install the adapter to the mount and screw the antenna on it.

FireStik 4ft II FS Series Tunable Tip CB Antenna 900 Watts Red FS-4RD


  • Easy to install and tune
  • Can take a lot of abuse
  • Very easy to tune to radio channels


  • If you want to increase the flexibility of the antenna, you may need to buy an antenna spring

This one is for those of you looking for a CB setup for either on the road or on the trail and is looking for a high-quality tunable antenna.

You will also need a mount, wiring and CB radio itself, but as part of a setup, this is a really high-quality option even if it is more expensive than other ones in the market.

If the antenna is too high, it could get snagged too far above the roofline of the jeep, come in contact with tree branches and possibly break. But if it’s too low, it can interfere with reception itself.

The Firestik is a 4-foot tall antenna that has a fiberglass core so it can bend a bit without breaking. And it has a ⅜ by 24 standard treads so it will fit most standard mounts.

Getting the antenna installed is also easy. All you have to do is thread it into whatever mount you have on the jeep. You still have to get clean 12-volt power to your CB radio itself and run your antenna wires.

Once you have all this setup, you can then tune your antenna. You need to use an SWR tuner to make sure the length of the antenna is properly set up for your jeep.

If it’s not a high-quality, well-built antenna, you’re not going to be able to get the proper reception out of it, making the CB system useless.

So whether you’re looking for a CB set up in your rig for trail rides so you can talk to your buddies or you want something to be able to communicate on the highway, having a high-quality CB radio is one of the most important parts of the setup.

JumboDumbo Antenna for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2007-2019 JK JKU JL JLU 13.8 Inch Shorty Wrangler Antenna CB Mount Kit Flexible Rubber Radio Antenna Replacement


  • Works on Jeep Wrangler models from the year 2007-2019
  • Installation is easy and should not take more than 10 mins
  • Made of flexible and shape-memory materials that will not break or bend easily


  • The reception might decline in rural areas

This antenna is about form and function. It provides that sleep look that a lot of us prefer. If you’re someone who takes your Jeep Wrangler off-road and finds that the tall factory-installed antenna snagged on passing tree branches, this antenna will solve that problem.

If you do manage to get the short antenna snagged, you don’t have to worry about it as it is flexible and will snap straight right back.

As you know, if you bend the factory metal antenna, you would have to get out and bend that antenna back yourself.

With any shorter antenna, you’re going to end up with a little less radio reception. So if you’re in an area with a weak signal, you might find yourself with some more static.

If you’re someone who uses your XM radio, you don’t have to worry about it as this antenna will not affect your signal at all.

This antenna is built to replace your factory antenna but is a full 22-inches shorter and has a black-weather resistant coating.

It is flexible unlike other short antennas on the market. Installing the antenna is easy as it screws right into the base on the side of the jeep.

Simply unscrew the old antenna and place the new one. The whole install shouldn’t take more than half an hour. All in all, this is an inexpensive, good looking and easy to install model.

AntennaMastsRus - 15 Inch Black Antenna is Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK - JL | Gladiator (2007-2021) - Spiral Wind Noise Cancellation - Spring Steel Construction - Stainless Steel Threading


  • Comes with a double threaded set screw
  • Provides good reception comparable to an OEM
  • Stainless steel construction with a nice-looking design
  • Not too long in height which means the antenna will not be hitting branches or trees


  • Expensive compared to other aftermarket antennas in this lists

If you ever need to go to a car wash or if you’re near the trails, the long and hefty antenna of your Jeep Wrangler can be a pain.

To remove the OEM factory antenna, simply get a 10mm open-end wrench and unscrew the antenna. Place the new antenna into the threads and screw it in tight.

Use an 11mm wrench even though it is 10mm width, the protective coating above it makes it thicker. Some aftermarket antennas are prone to cause a whistling noise with the wind which can be quite annoying in a long-drive.

The AntennaMastsRus has a noise cancellation feature which reduces this greatly. This is a unique feature and should not be overlooked.

The antenna is made of 304 stainless steel instead of brass as the latter is weak and might snap when force is applied to it.

Stainless steel also helps the antenna bend back to its original position when some force is applied due to wind, trees, etc.

The antenna has a unique design with a wide base that tapers up to the tip. This helps it be fixed to your jeep wrangler with greater stability.


My buying guide and reviews will definitely help you buy the right antenna for your Jeep Wrangler antennas.

Proper Installation is what will determine the running of your radio after buying the right product so read the manual or get professional help if you’re a beginner.

When you do choose and install the right one, blast out the radio and the great outdoors!

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